Rand Paul GRILLS Rachel Levine on Her Position on SEX CHANGES FOR CHILDREN, Then RESPONDS to Accusations of TRANSPHOBIA

Apparently, the liberals are running amok again on Capitol Hill. This time, they are putting well-known Kentucky Senator Rand Paul through the ringer because of his intense questioning of President Biden’s pick for the assistant secretary of health, Dr. Rachel Levine. This was in regards to her alleged support of giving transgendered children sex-change surgeries […]

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Stun Guns

12-Year-Old Tampa Girl Arrested After Selling Stun Guns To Her Classmates

A 12-year-old girl in Tampa, Florida is finding herself in a bit of hot water because she allegedly brought stun guns to her middle school and was selling them to her classmates. Police arrested the girl last Friday after school administrators caught her with the weapons, according to a release by the Tampa Police Department. […]

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Nebraska Governor

Omaha Restaurant Server Gets Fired After Posting THIS VIDEO of Nebraska Governor

Well, apparently Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has a bit of explaining to do. If you recognize the name, it’s because Pete is the son of Joe Ricketts, the founder of TDAmeritrade. Of course, if this upcoming story doesn’t illustrate the double-standard between the wealthy and the middle-class, I don’t know what does. You see, apparently […]

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TikTok Jerk

Boy Tries To Get His Fifteen Minutes of TikTok Fame By DOING THIS To His Girlfriend

A young man might be receiving a “Dear John” letter here pretty soon simply because of the terrible thing that he did to his girlfriend all in the name of trying to become famous. Simply put, the man was willing to sacrifice his girlfriend just because he was seeking some TikTok notoriety, but it ended […]

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