SUPER WOMAN: Brave Pregnant Woman Stopped Attack on Family in Arkansas Parking Garage!

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The left frequently asserts that there is no such thing as a “good guy with a gun” and that all people are less safe when they have a gun. But one mother with a gun would vehemently dispute the left’s claim.

A family from out of state was enjoying Little Rock, Arkansas, during the Memorial Day weekend, but when they returned to their car that was parked in a River Market parking garage, their pleasant trip quickly turned perilous.

According to KARK-TV, the family was taking in the sights, having fun at water parks, and visiting the zoo while they were in town to celebrate their daughter’s seventh birthday.

However, the peaceful Wednesday morning was broken when would-be thieves attacked the husband, his pregnant wife, and his two young girls as they were walking to their car.

At least two males attacked the father right away, according to KARK, striking and tackling him to the ground before continuing to beat him.

The man’s wife, though, proved that she was not to be taken lightly and leaped in to defend her husband and kids.

According to a Little Rock police report, this courageous mother defended her family by removing the great equalizer—her own firearm—from its hiding spot and shooting one of the attackers in the neck.

The two escaped with relatively minor injuries. “Ah, just a fractured rib and my wife has a couple of knots on her forehead where he apparently punched her,” the father, whose name was withheld to protect the family’s privacy, told the media.

“A lot of things could’ve happened and we never know what he was really planning or anything. If he was trying to kidnap our girls or just trying to steal the car or what,” the father added.

The family claimed that the attack demonstrated the value of carrying a hidden firearm and that it will not prevent them from living a fulfilling life.


“We live in Memphis and this kind of [thing] happens to people here all the time so I mean it’s not something we are going to let shine down or shadow down on our lives because we do like to travel,” the man said.

Although no charges have been filed against the wounded man who is being treated in the hospital, a police investigation is still ongoing.

But the radical left claims that this is an impossible story. It is a “myth,” they claim, that a “good guy with a gun” can put an end to crime.

Consider the extreme, hard-core left-wing website Salon.

The “good guy with a gun” thesis is a “pernicious myth,” according to a recent article on the website that outlined the left’s claim that an armed population is not a safer population.

Thankfully, the left did not stop this gun-toting mother from using it to defend herself and her family from cruel, brutal attacks. And thank God few people actually buy into the left’s untrue assertion that there never has been a “good guy with a gun.”