‘Sugar Brother’ Admits He Still Owns 10% Stake in Hunter’s Chinese Equity Firm


(Headline USA) Kevin Morris, the lawyer who paid Hunter Biden’s tax bill, admitted to lawmakers during a close-door testimony this week that he still owns Hunter’s stake in a Chinese private equity firm, according to Fox News.

Morris, who has been dubbed Hunter’s “sugar brother” for loaning the embattled first son millions of dollars over the past several years, told members of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees that he still holds a 10% stake in Bohai Harvest RST LLC (BHR), which he acquired from Hunter after buying a company Hunter previously owned.

Morris bought the company, Skaneateles LLC, from Hunter in the fall of 2021 amidst rising pressure on President Joe Biden’s campaign regarding Hunter Biden’s finances.

The attorney attempted to downplay his acquisition of Skaneateles and its BHR stake from Hunter, telling lawmakers he couldn’t recall “exactly what [the investments were,” but that he remembers “going through them” and thinking they were “infrastructure” related.

He insisted that his friendship with Hunter Biden and the politics of the situation Joe Biden found himself in that year had nothing to do with the acquisition.

“I did the transaction because, you know, I evaluated it as a businessman, and I thought it was something that could be a very successful investment,” Morris said. “I—you know, but I did diligence on the assets. I knew what—I knew what Hunter paid for it in the beginning, and I saw, and I still see upside.”  

Lawmakers pointed out that Morris’s acquisition of Skaneateles for just $157,000 was an extremely low amount considering he earned a 10% stake in BHR as a result.

“Look, I am going to do the best I can, OK?” Morris responded. “There was also a payment in there for—there was a $250,000 payment for a loan. I can’t remember if that’s part of that transaction, but if it is—that’s what it does—and whatever the—I believe those two were combined for the purchase price.”

Morris also told lawmakers that he still owns the BRH stock but has not collected any income from it.

Hunter Biden was forced to sell off his investment in the Chinese equity firm after his father publicly vowed on the campaign trail that “no one” in his family would “have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country.”

Questions remain, however, as to whether Morris intends to return the stock to Hunter following Joe Biden’s departure from office.

In March 2022—more than a year after his father’s inauguration and four months after another of Hunter’s lawyers, Chris Clark, told the New York Times that the had completely divested of all interests in the two companines—the Washington Examiner reported that both Chinese and American business records continued to list Hunter as the owner.