Stefanik Rebukes Northern Border Invasion, Backs Mayorkas Impeachment


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., contends that President Joe Biden’s open border policies affect both the U.S. southern and northern borders with Canada, pledging support for impeachment articles against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas amid unprecedented illegal immigration.

“We’ve seen an 800% increase in the Swanton Sector, which is the part of the northern border that I represent, of illegal crossings,” Stefanik said during an interview on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.

Stefanik’s Sunday remarks came two days after she sent a letter to New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, urging her support for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in a standoff with the federal government over control of specific parts of the southern border.

“Far Left Kathy Hochul has openly admitted that New York taxpayers cannot afford to continue subsidizing the illegal immigrants pouring in through our borders because of Joe Biden’s disastrous open border policies,” Stefanik said in a press statement. The letter was co-signed by Reps. Nick Langworthy, Nicole Malliotakis, Brandon Williams, Claudia Tenney, Nick LaLota, Marc Molinaro and Michael Lawler.

During her conversation with Bartiromo, Stefanik criticized Hochul for “begging” for federal funding while simultaneously endorsing sanctuary status for New York and New York City. Stefanik argued that such policies have real-life consequences.

“Just last week we saw a high school in New York City sent kids home, sent U.S. Students home to house illegal immigrants,” Stefanik continued. “This is a catastrophe. Voters will — and we must — hold Joe Biden accountable. We do that by electing President Trump who had the most secure border in our nation’s history.”

Stefanik emphasized that House Republicans will hold the Biden administration accountable for the border chaos.

“Our committee chair, Mark Green, of Homeland Security, has done a tremendous job and has shown to the American people there has been a willful refusal to comply with the law and an abuse of power in the position as secretary of Homeland Security,” she added. “So the committee will mark up those articles of impeachment and work up the process to bring them to the floor.”