‘Squatter Squad’ Crew Confronts Squatters in Home, Forcibly Removes Twelve People From Residence


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According to Fox News, a group called the “Squatter Squad” was captured in a recent video confronting twelve squatters in a Los Angeles-area residence.

The crew kicked in a door and successfully evicted the squatters from the property.

The Squatter Squad has been conducting legal removals of squatters from private properties since 2018.

Despite facing some intimidating individuals blocking their path outside the home in this particular incident, the squad managed to complete their task.

“You guys … can’t be here,” one of the squatters — recording his video — said as he held a cigarette in his mouth.

“Well, we’re coming in,” one of the Squatter Squad members replied.

Fox News reported that the Squatter Squad employs various legal methods to evict individuals who trespass in homes and refuse to vacate.

In this case, the Squad was conducting a home inspection — and the group noted in the video description that “the county of Los Angeles requires a 24-hour notice for entry, construction work, inspection, repairs, etc. We gave them proper notice. Entry has nothing to do with the court system. They were just babbling nonsense.”

“We’re gonna press charges,” one of the squatters said.

“Take me to court,” the Squatter Squad member replied, before hollering, “This isn’t your property! You don’t f***ing own this place!”

Before long, the Squatter Squad team had completely taken over the property and started clearing out belongings.

At one point in the footage, a member of the Squatter Squad is shown shouting through a rear entrance, demanding, “Show me you’re on the lease! Show me you’re on the lease! You know you’re not on the lease.”

After his words are met with silence, he forcefully kicks down the door.

According to the video description, police soon arrived after the squatters called them — but the cops just watched. “Their level of entitlement was extreme,” the video description said of the squatters. “But they didn’t know who they were dealing with.”

Shortly thereafter, the Squatter Squad noticed that the intruders started vacating the premises in response to the placement of no-trespassing signs, a new lock on the gate, and the boarding up of windows.


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