Soros Org. Closes Offices Around the World, Fires 40% of Staff


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) George Soros’s Open Society Foundation went through its second restructuring in three years, which resulted in the organization firing nearly half of its employees worldwide.

The decision to cut employees and close offices was made over the summer by the organization’s board of directors, according to the emails that were obtained by Bloomberg.

“With the decision by the board in June to cut the staff by more than 40%, our staffing size and footprint by necessity needs to diminish. We no longer have the bandwidth to operate multiple small offices, and thus the decision to further reduce our locations,” OSF Vice President of Programs Binaifer Nowrojee wrote in one of the emails.

In 2021, OSF employed nearly 1,700 people, but, after the latest cuts, the staff was reduced to fewer than 500 people.

Six OSF offices in Africa were left with no employees that will be let go by the end of the year, adding that “more than a dozen offices across Africa and Asia” had been removed from a list on the organization’s website, Inside Philanthropy reported.

“I’m very sorry that it’s turned out this way… It’s obviously not what any of us expected and I’m also very sorry that I didn’t have the information on this earlier,” Africa Executive Director Muthoni Wanyeki told staff in an email.

Wanyeki added that the cuts ran contrary to what the organization’s leadership had “committed to two years ago,” which happened to be true because the OSF offered grants over $1 billion each year, with roughly 10% of that going to Africa.

According to Bloomberg, offices in Barcelona, Spain, and Baltimore were also closed.

No changes to programs were expected to be made in the United States until after the 2024 presidential election, the decision that could not be described as one of the last attempts of the organization to either steal the election or brainwash Americans to vote for the leftist candidate, Bloomberg reported.