Soros Dogwhistles Antifa Brown-Shirts w/ Tweet about Trump Assassination


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Alex Soros, the 38-year-old son and protégé of globalist oligarch George Soros, retweeted a image from the Atlantic that has been interpreted as a dogwhistle signal—subliminal or otherwise—encouraging radical leftists to attempt to assassinate the former president Donald Trump, the Gateway Pundit reported.

The article and corresponding Soros tweet both purportedly address the dropping crime rates and easing inflation.

But more nefariously, the accompanying graphic includes two photos: one of a bullet hole in a window, and the other of $47 in cash.

The Last Refuge, a conservative website, said that Soros was “[b]eing subtle like a brick through a window.”

Trump is currently the frontrunner to become the 47th President in U.S. history, while if incumbent Joe Biden were to win re-election, he would remain the 46th president since his terms would be served consecutively.

Despite their past condemnations of right-wing rhetoric that they deemed excessively violent, several radical leftist lawmakers, including Reps. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., and Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-N.Y., have recently engaged in forms of stochastic terrorism against conservatives, including members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Atlantic—which was acquired in 2017 by Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of founding Apple CEO Steve Jobs—has been at the forefront of promoting Trump Derangement Syndrome in the leftist media.

The magazine’s current newsstand edition includes a panic-mongering series of 24 op-eds titled “If Trump Wins,” which collectively push the far-left talking point that the GOP frontrunner and presumptive nominee will rule as a dangerous dictator.

According to the Atlantic article posted by Soros, “the absurdity of Trump as the normalcy candidate is almost too much to bear—especially because the normalcy that voters are desperately craving is, in many ways, already here, and Biden helped deliver it.”

Alex Soros—who has effectively taken over the family business from his aging father—has engaged in Trump hysteria for years. In September, he fretted about the problems that could arise for the European Union if Trump were to be reelected.

“Like my father, I regard the EU as one of modern history’s great triumphs,” he wrote in an op-ed, condemning the former president for his allegedly “isolationist and anti-European policies.”

The tweet prompted a number of amusing responses, some calling out Soros for what appears to be a call for a hit on Trump.

Right wing journalist Steve Sailor pointed out that Soros-backed activism, like Black Lives Matter, has led to a drastic spike in gun violence.

Yet another Twitter user joked that he would report the younger Soros’s post to the FBI if that organization were not busy with the more important work of raiding raw milk farms.