Soros-Backed DA Carjacked at Gunpoint in New Orleans


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) A pro-criminal George Soros-backed district attorney in the city of New Orleans was carjacked at gunpoint, becoming a victim of his own soft policies, WND reported.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams was robbed around 10 p.m. Monday while helping his 78-year-old mother into the black Lincoln Navigator about two blocks north of Annunciation Square in the Lower Garden District, the New Orleans Police Department confirmed..

However, while the perpetrators demanded his keys, they were unable to get very far because he kept the fob for the vehicle in his pocket, Fox 8 reported.

“DA Williams and his mother were unharmed and both thank the NOPD for their hard work tonight and every night responding to crime victims,” said Keith Lampkin, a spokesman for Williams’ office.

Soros has backed dozens of big-city DAs across the country, helping them win elections and enact soft-on-crime policies. As a result, cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco have become overwhelmed with crime.

Williams was elected in 2020, with aid from the Soros-backed Louisiana Justice and Public Safety PAC, to which the globalist oligarch gave $220,000.

In his campaign, Williams promised to engage in “social justice reform” while finding “alternatives to incarceration” for criminals.

He also cited the “ineffective and unfair money bail system” as a barrier to justice.

While he has delivered on many of those promises, he has also failed to do the main job of a DA, which is to prosecute criminals. He prosecutes only 44% of criminals charged by the police as crime overtakes the city.

But, deflecting from the real issues, Williams claimed in his 2020 campaign that former President Donald Trump and his administration stood for white supremacy, and they therefore must be “rooted out” of America.

“This president and this current DA may try to deflect from the true issues of racism in this nation and in our legal system by instead choosing to villainize Americans arguing that black lives must matter too, but we must root out all vestiges of white supremacy in our systems and institutions,” Williams claimed.

“The culture of the Orleans Parish DA’s Office must change so that we can achieve real justice for victims and others caught up in the criminal justice system,” he added.

It seems that many of his constituents see things differently, however.

Crime in New Orleans has become so great an issue that residents recently undertook an effort to recall woke Mayor LaToya Cantrell, whose priorities have included adding a giant AfroPick sculpture by the site of the former city hall at Lafayette Square.

Meanwhile, after two-term Democrat governor John Bel Edwards was term-limited out of office, Louisianans this week overwhelmingly elected state Attorney General Jeff Landry, a pro-Trump conservative, to be the next governor.

Landry’s 51.6% in a field of 15 competitors was nearly double that of his closest challenger, Democrat Shawn Wilson. However, in Orleans Parish, the governor-elect had his worst performance, garnering a mere 10% of the vote to Wilson’s 71%.