Sorority Boots 2 Female Members for Criticizing Trans Admission


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Two members of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority faced expulsion after expressing their opposition to the inclusion of a transgender individual at the University of Wyoming, the Independent Women’s Forum decried on Nov. 9. 

Patsy Levang, the Kappa Kappa Gamma National Foundation President, and Cheryl Tuck-Smith, a longstanding active member, found themselves ousted from the sorority despite over 50 years of association, following their support of a lawsuit against the admission of a transgender individual.  

Their opposition primarily centered around Artemis Langford’s admission, a 6’2” and 260-pound individual who claims to be a woman. Langford’s inclusion relied on the sorority’s policy of self-identification, the Post Millennial reported.

“I was hurt when I was terminated as a member of KKG, but also disturbed that KKG has become a political tool rather than an organization that promotes women,” Tuck-Smith said in a statement.  

“My dismissal simply spurs me on to educate others about the dangers of DEI, which in reality does not support diversity, equity and inclusion,” she added. 

Levang echoed these sentiments, stating firmly, “I will not be quiet about the truth.”

When questioned about the expulsion, Kappa Kappa Gamma declined to provide details, citing internal procedures, but referenced a federal ruling affirming the organization’s right to sets its membership rule. 

The Independent Women Forum, representing the local sorority’s lawsuit against the national rule, condemned Kappa Kappa Gamma’s actions. 

“Kappa claims to value honesty and to embrace differences. But once it heard honesty it did not like, Kappa shattered every sorority and American value to silence these alumnae,” said Senior Fellow at Independent Women’s Law Center, May Mailman. 

“Instead of punishing dedicated and caring sisters, Kappa leadership should revoke their own memberships, as they are the only ones in violation of Kappa’s bylaws,” Mailman added.