Siblings Who Worked for Joe Biden Could Tie Him to Hunter’s Business Deals


(Headline USA) A brother and sister who worked as aides in Joe Biden’s office while he was vice president could be called as key witnesses to tie Joe Biden to Hunter’s business deals.

Anne Marie and Francis Person worked for Joe Biden for nearly a decade starting in 2006 and kept in close contact with Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin, the then-president of Hunter Biden’s now-dissolved investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, while they were in the White House.

Anne Marie even worked at Rosemont Seneca as a general assistant in the firm until she joined Joe Biden’s staff in May 2014. Her husband, Mike Muldoon, also worked at Rosemont Seneca from 2009 to 2011.

While she worked for Rosemont Seneca, Anne Marie Person was copied on hundreds of emails that included itineraries for foreign trips, business meetings with associates in China, day-to-day schedules for Hunter and Schwerin, and coordinating invitations for events and meetings at the White House.

Anne Marie herself visited the Obama White House at least five times while she worked for Rosemont Seneca, according to White House visitor logs. She continued to meet with Rosemont Seneca employees, including Schwerin, at the White House while working for Biden.

Her brother, Fran, worked as a personal aide for Biden for years, leaving in July 2014. Less than six months later, in January 2015, Fran helped launch Harves Global Entertainment, an affiliate of the China-based Harves Century Group that has ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca held financial interests in multiple Harves affiliates.

Fran Person has denied that he had any role in Hunter’s business dealings, and attempted to deflect blame from Joe Biden as well.

 “President Biden has never been a part of any business that I’ve conducted in any way ever,” he said in a statement.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., has said he intends to call multiple witnesses with knowleged of the Biden family’s dealings to testify before Congress, with the goal of building a case he can eventually bring to court.