She’s Too Fat For The Airplane, And She Is Crying Discrimination Against….


One notable influencer on TikTok, dubbed Big Curvy Olivia, recently came under fire after alleging that the aviation industry discriminates against larger individuals. With claims of size-based prejudice, Olivia’s argument didn’t receive the support she likely hoped for and instead ignited a heated discussion about personal responsibility.

Known for her advocacy for plus-sized individuals, Olivia found herself in a social media storm when she called for larger aisle spaces on planes. The New York Post reported her stance on this, noting her claim of size discrimination.

Olivia offered visual evidence in a video she shared that revealed her struggling to move down a United Airlines plane aisle. Walking sideways to maneuver past the seating rows, she exclaimed her outrage, arguing it was unfair not to have wider aisles in 2023. The video quickly garnered over 700,000 views.

Footage showed Olivia, despite her struggle, managing to get by, but her larger size collided repeatedly with the seats and armrests. The Blaze reported Olivia’s perspective, in which she viewed the narrow aisle as a form of prejudice against larger-bodied people.

Following her journey, Olivia took to self-care measures in an attempt to shake off the alleged body shaming she faced. Outkick reported that she upgraded her accommodation, donned a swimsuit, and energetically leaped into a private pool.

However, the video of her jump didn’t do her any favors. Joe Kinsey, senior content director at OutKick, humorously noted how her cannonball-style entry made the pool seem no bigger than a suburban hot tub. This drew further attention and fueled more discussion online.

After her posts gained viral attention, Olivia decided to temporarily disable her videos. Yet, speculation suggests it was the harsh backlash from social media users that led to this action.

Critics were quick to argue against Olivia’s claims of discrimination. They pointed out that plenty of people manage to squeeze past flight attendants during boarding. Others took a more direct approach, suggesting she look at the real issue rather than blaming the plane aisles.

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Snide comments came in from different users, with some sarcastically wondering why she didn’t complain about the pool size, and others bluntly suggesting that if she had an issue with flying, she should simply avoid it. Another user chimed in questioning how her situation could be viewed as discrimination.

One commenter highlighted the commercial reality of the aviation industry, explaining that wider aisles would mean fewer seats, thus impacting profits. They asserted that this wouldn’t make financial sense to accommodate only a fraction of passengers.

Tim Pool, a popular YouTuber, weighed in, pinpointing the problem as Olivia’s sense of “entitlement”. He argued that her demand that the entire airline industry be reshaped because of her personal choices is simply unreasonable. His words, though seemingly harsh, resonated with many.

He added that this sense of entitlement highlights a societal issue. The notion of entitlement, he argued, undermines the work and efforts of others. In his view, this isn’t just about accommodation but a dangerous trend towards an indulgent, entitled mindset.

While society should strive for inclusivity and acceptance, it’s essential to also encourage personal responsibility and not confuse physical constraints with deliberate discrimination.

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