She’d Been Delivering Him Pizzas For Years, Then She Looked Inside His House And Everything Changed….


When a Domino’s delivery driver noticed one of her customers living in extreme poverty, she decided to do something about it.

Angela Nguyen is a Domino’s pizza delivery driver, who usually, makes many routine calls in a night. However, on this particular night, she visited a man she’s seen multiple times, expecting the usual greeting, but this time, it was anything but ordinary. She noticed something that would shock her, and she knew she needed to take action.

Every Saturday at 10:15, an order would come in for pizza delivery to a home in Ham Lake, Minnesota. Angela knew exactly who it was because she had been delivering Domino’s Pizza to 76-year-old Lee Haase for years.

Lee is a regular customer who, Angela usually spends a little more time with. She’s always friendly and personable to all customers, but especially with Lee because he was a sweet old man, who lived alone. She was shocked that she never noticed this issue before today, as she has been there many times.

Lee lived in extreme poverty in the rural outskirts of Anoka County, but Angela had no idea just how dire his circumstances were until her daughter, who is also a delivery driver for the pizza chain, noticed one day that Lee’s tiny 10-foot trailer had no heat, plumbing, or electricity.

To give you an idea of just how heartbreaking his situation was, Lee’s weekend pizza delivery from Domino’s was the only meal he ate all week. It was all that he could afford.


First, Angela brought Lee a heater to keep him warm, but she had bigger plans. She said: “There was no way somebody could live like that and be fine. So you just step in.”

Her cry to the rest of their community was simple—she stated: “We gotta do something!” Angela knew the community would rally together to help, so she started a GoFundMe page for Lee, and donations started coming in quickly.

The page raised over $30,000 for Lee and offered him the best gift just in time for Christmas. They arranged a place for him with heating, plumbing, and a comfy bedroom.

It took one person to notice his need and offer some help to change his life forever. Volunteers helped set up the new home with everything he needed, including toiletries and food supplies

Lee was stunned when he saw what community members and the online community had done for him. He walked through his new home with awe in his eyes, and it was a memorable moment for everyone present.

A grateful Lee expressed: “It’s hard to explain [how I feel]. Just pretty awesome.”

Watch the video below:

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