Schweikert Introduces Bill to Repurpose Iran Funds for Israel


(Cameron Arcand, The Center Square) Rep. David Schweikert, R-Ariz., introduced a bill Wednesday that would divert $6 billion in Iranian funds to Israel if passed into law.

The United States and Qatar governments agreed to no longer allow Iran to access the $6 billion that was part of a prisoner-swap agreement, according to the Washington Post on Thursday.

Schweikert’s bill, which is dubbed the Fortify Israel Act, was introduced prior to that development, but it takes the extra step of helping Israel’s military efforts instead.

“With each passing hour, the details of the barbaric and unconscionable assault against Israel coordinated by Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists become increasingly horrific,” Schweikert said in a statement. “The United States must stand firmly and offer unwavering support to our strongest ally in the Middle East by any means necessary.”

Even prior to Hamas’s massacre of more than a thousand innocent Israeli civilians in a surprise attack over the weekend, Biden’s hostage exchange had garnered controversy for being exceedingly one-sided at best.

Few suspected the rogue Islamic regime would abide by the stipulation that it use the funds for “humanitarian” purposes as it not only routinely backs regional terrorism but also relentlessly pursues its own development of nuclear weaponry.

Schweikert said he hoped his bill would help to restore the balance by reallocating the regime’s contraband funds to the nation devastated by its stealth terrorist attack, believed to have been two years in the making.

“The legislation ensures any current or future foreign assets frozen by the Treasury Department, including the $6 billion in Iranian funds recently unfrozen, be used to support Israel’s right to defend itself,” Schweikert  said. “The Iranian regime and other state sponsors of terrorism can no longer be permitted to fund Hamas’ terrorist activities against the people of Israel.”

The bill states that until the conflict in Israel concludes and the Israeli government has been compensated, or there is an international agreement forcing Iran to pay Israel, they will not be getting any of their assets seized by the federal government.

Several Republican congressmen have co-sponsored the bill, including Reps. Dan Crenshaw, Byron Donalds, Matt Rosendale, Keith Self, Zach Nunn, Brian Fitzpatrick, Mike Carey, Rich McCormick, Clay Higgins and Randy Feenstra.

It’s unclear what the timeline for the bill could look like, as all business in the House of Representatives is on pause because there is no permanent speaker of the House.

“I think there would be support from the left, but we right now have a mechanical issue where nothing is moving,” Schweikert told the Center Square Thursday.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was vacated from the position last week, when 8 Republicans and the Democrats united to remove him from the job.

It’s the first time a speaker has been voted out in American history. Just days later, the terrorist group Hamas began attacking southern Israel, triggering a war in the region.

The Israeli government estimates 1,200 deaths so far, including 27 American citizens, according to CBS News.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.