Scaremongering Officials Flag ‘National Security Threat’ before Votes on Ukraine Aid, FISA


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) As Congress continues to debate reforms to U.S. agencies’ domestic spying powers as well as President Joe Biden’s request for $95 billion in foreign aid, top officials are now warning of a “national security threat” coming from Russia.

Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, the head of the House Intelligence Committee, made the supposed threat public on Wednesday when he urged the Biden administration on Wednesday to declassify information about what he called a serious national security threat.

Turner, a vocal proponent of providing aid to Ukraine and renewing the current version of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, gave no details about the nature of the threat. Several leading lawmakers, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, cautioned against being overly alarmed.

Johnson said he was not at liberty to disclose the classified information. “But we just want to assure everyone steady hands are at the wheel. We’re working on it and there’s no need for alarm,” he told reporters at the Capitol.

Turner earlier Wednesday sent an email to members of Congress saying his committee had “identified an urgent matter with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability” that should be known to all congressional policy makers. He encouraged them to come to a SCIF, a secure area, to review the intelligence.

Democratic Rep. Jim Himes, the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, said in a statement that the classified information is “significant” but “not a cause for panic.”

According to CNN, the threat has something to do with Russia.

“Two sources and a US official tell CNN the threat is related to Russia,” CNN reported. “One of the sources who has seen the intelligence confirmed that ‘it is, in fact, a highly concerning and destabilizing’ Russian capability ‘that we were recently made aware of.’”

Meanwhile, national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters at the White House that he already had been due to brief Turner and other senior congressional leaders on Thursday. Sullivan did not disclose the topic or provide any other details related to Turner’s statement.

“I’m focused on going to see him, sit with him as well as the other House members of the Gang of Eight, tomorrow,” Sullivan said. “And I’m not in a position to say anything further from this podium at this time.”

He acknowledged it was not standard practice to offer such a briefing.

The supposed national security threat has been met with skepticism from conservative and libertarian pundits.

“Five days ago Rep. Turner was in Kiev to assure Zelensky that the US fully supports the additional $60 billion in funding (a dirty lie) … and then all of a sudden when it looks like the House hesitates on the funding he rolls out some kind of new spectacular RU threat? Right,” said Daniel McAdams, the executive director for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

“You’re struggling to pass another monster spending bill for Ukraine and suddenly there is a major national security threat which you claim comes from Russia. Sure, bro,” added popular libertarian broadcaster Clint Russell.

The House Rules Committee is set to vote on a FISA reform bill later today.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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