Rudy Giuliani Made A Big Power Move And Has Demanded That They..


The thing that I will never understand about people in power is their seemingly never ending ability to be able to mold things to their wants and needs. Now, the good people try to do things in such a way that at the end of the day will benefit you and I. They are more or less the benevolent ones.

The other ones, however, are your Hunter Biden types. They are the ones that will do this exact same thing but in a way that only benefits them.

Americans are in no way pleased with what they are learning about Joe and Hunter Biden. It seems painfully obvious that the man used his son to get rich, selling favors while he was vice president. Testimony from several federal employees has revealed the lengths by which Democrats are trying to cover up this reality.

Some people are demanding Biden be impeached immediately. Others are setting their sights on the son, who is a key component in Biden’s sins. Rudy Giuliani, the famed prosecutor, is joining a group to confront Joe’s son. And they are calling on a federal judge to shut down Hunter’s Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card.

From Just the News:

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani joined the nonprofit research group Marco Polo in a letter urging the judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s tax evasion case to reject the plea deal that the Justice Department offered.

“Without Biden’s familial connections, there is no way any USA or AUSA would have proposed two misdemeanors and essentially a non-prosecution on the felony gun charge,” the letter also states, using acronyms to refer to U.S. attorney and assistant U.S. attorney.

Wow. Rudy Giuliani is getting behind an effort to overturn Hunter’s sweetheart plea deal. Weeks ago, Hunter got out of years in jail by pleading guilty to various crimes. He admitted he was guilty of tax crimes, drug charges, and even a gun charge.

All those added up would be years in jail for the average American. But because he’s Joe Biden’s son, Hunter got off easy. Now, we are learning that Hunter could be guilty of much worse, with his father aiding and abetting all of it.

Giuliani is urging the federal judge over this case to throw out the plea deal and proceed with a trial. This would throw a huge wrench into the left’s attempts at protecting Biden. If there was a trial, much more might come out against the Bidens.

It could expose Biden’s crimes to the entire country. It could spoil his re-election chances and put Hunter and others in jail.

The judge who is overseeing the case is a Trump appointee, so there is hope. But what she decides could have far-reaching consequences for the entire country.