Roseanne Barr Takes Aim and Hits the Bullseye on David Hogg Calling Him a ‘Soy Induced Frail Boy’

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When attacking Senator Mitch McConnell over a troubling pause in the lawmaker’s speech last week, David Hogg overstepped his bounds.

The senator was the target of the teenage gun grabber from Harvard University for an odd Wednesday incident. Then, as McConnell was speaking at a press conference, he appeared ill and froze. He was assisted in leaving the podium.

Hogg couldn’t help but take advantage of the apparent medical issue that day to prank Republicans.

“If Biden did what Mitch did today the media would be covering non stop for the next two weeks. But because it’s a Republican it’s like nothing ever happened,” Hogg posted on the social media site formerly known as Twitter. “The right wing bias of corporate media is nuts.”

Hogg could disagree if McConnell had regular outbursts like President Joe Biden, but it seems this was just an isolated incident.

Similar to McConnell, Biden’s apparent age-related limitations have forced a significant revision to Air Force One’s boarding protocols.

Hogg’s tweet noticeably omits any mention of 90-year-old Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who recently required instruction on how to vote after experiencing apparent difficulties.

Hogg’s post was so egregiously off-base that conservative commentator Roseanne Barr sarcastically suggested putting it on display in the Smithsonian. Barr, of course, had other comments to make on the article and its author.

“This tweet should be in the Smithsonian,” Barr wrote in response the next day.

“There has never been a more democrat post in history. The lack of awareness, the lack of shame, the double standard, the absolutely insanity and soy induced frail boy b***hiness.”

It’s safe to say that Hogg isn’t gaining any supporters in this situation.

People quickly piled into the comments and offered their own opinions on the well-known anti-gunner.

Unfortunately for Hogg, it appears that if his posts continue, he will only continue to receive this scathing criticism.

We’re not sure how much more Hogg can endure after the online beating he’s receiving and the spectacular failure of his MyPillow rival.