Ronald Reagan’s Son Drops Truth Bomb on Joe Biden and His Son: ‘Democrats Would Have Skewered Me’

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As investigations into the Biden family continue, the son of a former president is making his thoughts on the matter known.

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, is facing a federal investigation regarding his questionable foreign business dealings in Ukraine, China and elsewhere, and he received bad news last week when the plea deal he had previously struck with prosecutors fell through.

Despite claiming he was not involved in his son’s business affairs, evidence is mounting that suggests that Joe Biden played a role in the situation while he was vice president, including being present with Hunter while Hunter Biden was communicating with a business associate.

The family of another president is having none of it.

On Monday, Michael Reagan, the son of the late President Ronald Reagan, took to Twitter, the platform being rebranded as “X,” to expose leftist hypocrisy by explaining what would have happened to his family if he and his father had been caught in the same situation.


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“In the eight years that my father was President of the United States I never once sat in the room with business associates and called him on the phone,” Reagan, 78, wrote. “If I had, the Democrats would have skewered me.”

In essence, Michael Reagan is saying that if his father or another conservative president had engaged in the same thing as Joe and Hunter Biden, they would have to face the consequences.

Do you think a Republican could get away with the same actions as the Biden family?

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While it is futile to play the game of “Imagine if the situation were reversed,” Reagan is nevertheless right. Had it been he and his father being accused, the left would have crucified them.

Just look at all the allegations of corruption that the left has been leveling against former President Donald Trump over the last few years, and now he has even been indicted on some of these accusations.

But when there is evidence that Joe Biden and his family may have been involved in corruption, the Democrats are willing to just let it slide.

The point is, corruption is corruption no matter which side engages in it. Investigations of corruption should be conducted out of a genuine concern for the country, rather than just partisan politics.

It is politics that is motivating the Democrats to launch criminal investigations of Donald Trump, and it is also politics that is motivating them to ignore the very serious allegations leveled against the Biden family.


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That was the point that Michael Reagan was trying to drive home with his tweet — it is all politics.

Any politicians who engage in corruption should be held accountable for their actions and should face all the consequences that go with it. There can be no excuses based on which political party is involved.

Joe Biden and his son think that they can get away with it because Democrats control the White House and much of the establishment media, but the walls are closing in fast on them.

It may not be long before their luck finally runs out.

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