RINO Pence’s 2024 Campaign Plunges into ‘Impossible to Pay’ Debt


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Former Vice President Mike Pence’s 2024 presidential campaign finds itself in a challenging financial position, with an embarrassing debt of $600,000 and only $1.2 million in cash reserves, recent FEC filings revealed. 

According to Politico, despite the fundraising haul of $3.3 million in the third quarter, the campaign is struggling to manage its financial obligations, with Pence injecting $150,000 of his personal funds into the campaign.

Pence’s lackluster performance comes after the former vice president has positioned himself as a cheerleader for the left’s legal prosecutions against his former boss and leading Republican contender, Donald Trump. 

Adding to the campaign’s woes, there has been no official statement regarding whether the Pence campaign has secured enough funds for the upcoming third Republican National Committee debate, scheduled to take place in Miami on Nov. 8. 

“That debt number is gonna be impossible to pay back,” the Pence ally said. “When he drops out he’s going to have to do debt-retirement fundraisers.” 

In an attempt to salvage the situation, some of Pence’s allies have suggested he consider running for the Indiana open seat in the Senate in 2024. However, Pence has remained firm in rejecting the proposal. 

During a recent fundraising conference attended by infamous GOP figures such as Sen. Mitt Romney, Utah, and former House Speaker Paul Ryan, efforts to garner support for anti-Trump candidates seemed to have fallen flat. 

Amidst growing pressure, Pence has resorted to criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, both of whom are currently overshadowing his political prospects 

Reflecting on the disparity in fundraising capacities, Politico reporter Adam Wren commented. 

“It’s wild to have covered both Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 and Mike Pence’s 2024 presidential campaigns,” Wren said on Twitter. “One of them ran as the incumbent mayor of Indiana’s fourth-largest city and raised more than $100 million and won the Iowa caucuses. One of them was VP and has $1.2m cash on hand.”