Reporters Asked Biden’s Gatekeeper About Talking To French President That Died Decades Ago, And She Blew Her Top [VIDEO]


In a recent press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced inquiries regarding President Joe Biden’s mental health following a peculiar statement made during a speech in Las Vegas. The president recounted a conversation that allegedly occurred during a G-7 meeting and NATO gathering in June 2021, where he mentioned interacting with the late French President François Mitterrand.

However, a significant factual inaccuracy emerged as Mitterrand served as the president of France from 1981 to 1995 and passed away in 1996. At the time of the G-7 meeting in 2021, Emmanuel Macron held the presidency in France.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, a reporter pressed Jean-Pierre on how President Biden plans to address concerns about his mental health, given the discrepancies in his recent statement. The reporter asked, “And how is President Biden ever going to convince the three quarters of voters who are worried about his physical and mental health that he is okay even though in Las Vegas he told a story about recently talking to a French president who died in 1996?”

Jean-Pierre responded with a dismissive tone, stating, “I’m not even gonna go down that rabbit hole with you, sir.”

When further probed about the “rabbit hole,” the reporter sought clarification on President Biden’s statement. Jean-Pierre redirected the focus, stating, “You saw the president in Vegas, in California. You’ve seen the President in South Carolina. You saw him in Michigan. I’ll just leave it there.”

The exchange highlights the sensitivity surrounding questions about President Biden’s mental health, prompting the administration to emphasize the president’s public appearances across different states as a measure of his ongoing engagement and presence.

As concerns persist about occasional missteps in President Biden’s recollections, how the White House navigates these inquiries will likely influence public perceptions and confidence in the president’s ability to lead effectively. The incident underscores the delicate balance the administration must strike in addressing concerns transparently while redirecting attention to the president’s broader activities.