Reporter Barred Entry From Luxury Hotel For Migrants

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You’ve probably heard about Republican governors sending hundreds of migrants to blue cities. Democrat mayors were furious–yet they refused to do anything about it.

They didn’t deport these migrants. They didn’t call on Joe Biden and Congress to secure our border.

Instead, they spent taxpayer dollars to take care of these illegal migrants; for months, big cities have been burning through cash to put up illegal aliens.

Unbelievably enough, these people are being treated like royalty. But how have they repaid America? Reportedly, by treating luxury hotels like Port-a-Potties.

One journalist tried to find out what was going on in one “migrant hotel” in Chicago — and what he found should rattle the entire country. Because this might be coming to a hotel near you.

From Fox News:

A Chicago reporter issued a stark warning on public safety after employees working at a luxury hotel housing migrants barred him from entering during a heated exchange caught on camera…

‘We really have a ticking time bomb here, something… tragic could happen at the hotel. Something could spill out onto Michigan Avenue.

We are entering Chicago’s notorious murder season, and we already have an out-of-control crime problem. The police are understaffed, and our new mayor doesn’t seem to have a plan.’

Isn’t it crazy that Chicago actually has a “murder season”?

How poorly run is this city, that it’s normal for killers to walk the streets and for illegal immigrants to be housed in luxury hotels? This reporter tried to find out what was going on and he couldn’t even get through the door.

Apparently, this downtown hotel is closed to legal residents of the United States.

It has become overrun by illegals, and reports are already coming out from other blue cities about what these freeloading foreigners are doing. And nobody is stopping it:

Some hotels have been partially destroyed. The illegal residents are discarding free food and meals provided for them; they;re using narcotics in the middle of hallways and having sex in stairwells. Trash is piling up and hotel workers fear for their lives.

And it seems the leaders of Chicago refuse to tell residents what is really going on in their hotels.

This reporter feared what might spill out onto the streets of the city. He called this a ticking time bomb … and he’s probably right.

In a matter of weeks or months, we might learn about some horrific event that happens inside or outside this hotel. The way Democrats have been handling this situation is criminal. They must deport these immigrants immediately and restore law and order to their cities.

The longer this goes on, the worse it will get.