REPORT: FEMA’s Mandatory DEI Training Laments Systemic White Supremacy


(Robert Jonathan, Headline USA) With the scope of the devastating Maui wildfire disaster still unfolding, some questions are emerging about the priorities of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the Joe Biden administration.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, FEMA “is mandating a three-hour diversity training for employees that argues, among other things, that white supremacy is ‘ingrained in nearly every system and institution in the U.S.’”

The news outlet reportedly obtained internal emails, screenshots and video clips of the mandatory course material—a component of the agency’s diversity, equity and inclusion protocol.

“While it’s unclear how many of FEMA’s 20,000-plus employees were required to complete the training, internal emails reviewed by the Free Beacon indicate that the agency’s ‘resilience’ division was advised of a requirement to complete one of three three-hour diversity training modules between Aug. 1 and Sept. 28,” it said.

The Beacon also explained that “FEMA leaders informed staff of the training in a July email, indicating that the effort is ‘part of our ongoing commitment to instill equity as a Foundation of Emergency Management.’”

A contractor known as the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management purportedly developed the training materials for FEMA, which were delivered live to agency employees “months ago,” according to its CEO, the Beacon reported.

“White supremacy is an ideology, a pattern of values and beliefs that are ingrained in nearly every system and institution in the U.S.,” one of the slides in the presentation reportedly claimed.

Another slide purportedly condemns the U.S. for various transgressions such as its founding in violence, murder, land theft, and systemic oppression of people of color and other disadvantaged groups.

The trainer was reportedly recorded as implying that even so-called nice people can hide their white supremacist tendencies.

“There’s this false narrative that white supremacists are outspoken extremists, they’re domestic terrorists…By personifying white supremacists as these types of extremists, then we’re gonna overlook the white supremacists lurking in the workplace, lurking in the schools, within the community, and remember nice people can be white supremacists,” she said, according to the Beacon.

FEMA apparently archived the training session, which seems to have little or nothing to do with improving disaster response on behalf of all Americans regardless of background, to play back for employees unable to attend it live and then encourage them to engage in small group discussions about the content.

A FEMA spokesperson told the Beacon that this particular material is actually not required and that employees must take two other modules for their DEI continuing education: “Civil Rights and FEMA Disaster 2023” and “Including People with Disabilities and Others with Access and Functional Needs in Disaster Operations.”

The Beacon’s scoop came at a time when about 1,000 people are still among the missing in the Hawaii catastrophe that has tragically claimed approximately 100 lives.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is floating the idea of a congressional investigation for the DEI-obsessed Biden administration’s disaster-response failures.

Biden himself was widely criticized for a brief, tone-deaf visit to Maui during which he could barely stay awake and when, at point, he rambled on about a small, insignificant fire in his Delaware kitchen that occurred almost 20 years ago.

FEMA has also raised eyebrows by providing taxpayer-funded accommodations for its bureaucrats in luxury hotels about 45 minutes from the disaster area.

As a thought experiment, imagine how the corporate media would react had this disaster occurred on G.W. Bush’s or Donald Trump‘s watch rather than with a Democrat in the White House.

DEI (or DIE, as journalist Jason Whitlock has reshuffled the acronym) is also pervasive on the state government level.

For example, it recently came to light that Seattle firefighters boning up for the lieutenant exam have to study social justice along with mastering first-responder skills.