Report: Biological Male Inmate Caught Having Sex w/ Female in Women’s Prison


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) A biological male inmate imprisoned for murder was caught earlier this month having sex with a female inmate at a women’s prison in Washington, according to a Friday report from the National Review.

Citing an internal prison report that the publication obtained, National Review reported the incident happened on March 14, when a corrections officer at the Washington Corrections Center for Women discovered 35-year-old Bryan Kim, who goes by Amber FayeFox Kim, having sexual intercourse with 25-year-old Sincer-A Marie Nerton. Kim is in prison for murdering the inmate’s parents.

According to the National Review, the prison guard looked into a cell during a routine check and saw Kim “laying on the floor completely nude from the waist down with their cellmate Nerton Sincer-A on top of them also nude from the waist down actively having sex.”

“I/I [Incarcerated Individual] Kim’s hands were on I/I Nerton’s buttox in a spread open position while I/I Kim’s erect penis was penetrating I/I Nerton’s Vagina,” the report added. “This is against MSU rules and policy. WAC-504-Engaging in a sex act with another person within the facility that is not otherwise included in these rules, except in an approved extended family visit.”

The National Review reported that the incident was counted as an infraction with a hearing expected to follow. The publication added that the Washington DOC views consensual, non-coerced sexual activity between individuals under its jurisdiction as permissible under the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a federal law enacted in 2003.

The incident with Kim is the latest case of a trans-identifying male inmate having sex with a female in women’s prison. The National Review report outlined other such instances.

DOJ Lawfare

Despite that, the Justice Department is mounting lawfare against the states in an apparent campaign to promote transgenderism in prisons.

Indeed, earlier this month the DOJ threatened to sue Utah’s Department of Corrections after alleging that the state violated an inmate’s rights by refusing to provide treatment for gender dysphoria.

And last month, the DOJ filed a statement of interest in support of a lawsuit from transgender inmate Jonathan C. Richardson, who now goes by the name “Autumn Cordellionè” and is serving a 55-year sentence for killing Richardson’s infant stepdaughter.

The DOJ’s support of Richardson followed a similar move in Georgia, where prosecutors filed a brief in January to support a lawsuit filed by an unnamed inmate against the Georgia Department of Corrections. Details of the inmate’s crimes weren’t included in the filing.

Additionally, the DOJ settled a lawsuit last June from a federal inmate—former Neo-Nazi bank robber Pete/Donna Langan—who sued the Bureau of Prisons in late 2021 to obtain a sex change. Langan became the first federal inmate in history to receive a sex change in January 2023, but continued to sue the BOP to also cover facial hair removal surgery.

The details of Langan’s settlement have not been made public.

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