REPORT: Biden Bragged Obama ‘Would Be Jealous’ of His Accomplishments


(Headline USA) President Joe Biden reportedly bragged behind closed doors that he has been more successful than his former boss, President Barack Obama.

At one point, Biden claimed “Obama would be jealous” of legislation he has passed in his first term in office, according to Axios.

The comment, if true, may underscore the tension between Obama and Biden that has existed for years, according to sources.

Biden, for example, still feels that Obama’s administration did not value his insight on foreign policy and Congress when he was vice president. And Obama notably declined to endorse Biden during the 2020 Democratic primary process.

“The Obama people thought Biden would suck as president,” one former Biden aide told Axios. “They didn’t think he’d be organized enough to execute.”

Another White House official admitted that many in Biden’s administration who once served in the Obama administration still feel that way.

“We do have too many Obama people who don’t care about Joe Biden. It’s about them,” the official said.

A transcript of Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur confirmed the relationship between the two politicians was especially rocky in the 2016 election, when Obama supported Hillary Clinton instead of Biden.

“A lot of people … were encouraging me to run in this period, except the president,” Biden told Hur. “He just thought that [Clinton] had a better shot of winning the presidency than I did.”

Biden has since told staff that he believes he would have beat former President Donald Trump in 2016 if he had run.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates denied any feud between the pair, claiming Biden regularly speaks with Obama.

“President Biden does not make such comments in private. As President Biden has said, President Obama is family to him,” Bates told Axios. “[He] talks to both former President Obama and [former] President [Bill] Clinton often.”

Obama is expected to stump for Biden on the campaign trail ahead of November’s election, as is former first lady Michelle Obama.

By most accounts, Biden’s presidency has been a series of abject failures, unless seen as part of a long-term plan that is the extension of Obama’s own legacy.

If, in fact, Biden’s economic failures, foreign policy fiascos and open border are all part of a transitional phase designed to create a sense of crisis that will open the Overton window for the sort of radical change that Obama failed to achieve in his presidency, one could argue that the two had performed brilliantly in their effort, thus far, to reshape the United States into a Marxist regime.

That would hinge on their ability to fend off former President Donald Trump, however, and complete the third and final act, which would be an absolute overhaul of America’s constitutional republic and abolition of individual liberties.