Rand Paul Saves Colleague from Choking w/ Heimlich Maneuver


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., might have saved a colleague from choking during a Thursday lunch in the Senate. 

According to Politico reporter Burgess Everett, Paul rushed to the aid of Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, after she started choking on some food during their lunch.

Reportedly, the ophthalmologist used the Heimlich maneuver to administer first aid to Ernst. The Iowa senator quickly recovered, joking that she would vote for whatever bill Paul asked for, as per Politico

Ernst even took to Twitter, taking a dig at the Democratic Party.

“Can’t help but choke on the woke policies Dems are forcing down our throats. Thanks, Dr. @RandPaul,” she said on Twitter.

Ernst’s remarks were met with some criticism from some Twitter users, who called her response cringe.  

“You’re vile, Senator Ernst,” self-proclaimed political junkie Russell Drew said. “Why not just say thanks instead of attacking Democrats in what was a life and death situation for you. You were probably choking not on woke policies, but GOP bulls*it.” 

Others were thankful Ernst was safe. “Humor is important when dealing with these things, glad you’re okay! Thank you Dr Paul!” one user responded.

According to Politico, this would not be the first time a senator has saved a colleague with the Heimlich maneuver. 

In 2018, Sen. Joe Manchin, R-W.Va., aided former Sen. Claire McCaskill, R-Mo., who also choked on food that year. McCaskill left the Senate after being defeated by Republican challenger Josh Hawley in 2019

Hawley’s colleague, Sen. Eric Schmitt R-Mo., who took office in 2023, also received Heimlich assistance during a reported GOP lunch earlier this year.