Punks’ Plan to Victimize 75-Year-Old Woman Goes Sideways When She Whips Out a Revolver

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Two punks might have thought they’d have an easy time victimizing their elderly target, but their plan ran into a problem as she pulled out a revolver and fired.

The 75-year-old woman was at her Oakland, California, home in the early hours of July 26 when two armed men forced their way inside.

Things quickly went south for the two criminals.

According to KTVU, a Fox television station in Oakland, the elderly woman feared for her safety and secured a revolver.

She aimed toward the suspects and let a round fly, sending the punks running for their lives. They fired back at least 17 times, but their aim was about as good as their choice in victims and they missed with every shot.


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They did, however, get away with some valuables, including jewelry, KTVU reported.

Although the shots left the woman’s home riddled with bullets, there have been no reports of injuries from the incident.

In high-crime areas such as Californian cities, however, it’s clear residents consider people like this woman to be heroes.

The woman’s daughter hailed the 75-year-old’s actions, saying it was “unbelievable” that she stood in defiance of armed intruders who had her outnumbered.

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“It’s amazing,” the daughter told KTVU. “She is a superwoman. We’re all just lauding her and just amazed at her wherewithal.”

Neighbors also saluted the woman’s heroics.

“She had the presence of mind to reach into her nightstand and get a weapon,” neighbor Calvin Walker told KTVU. “And she had it under her covers, and when she saw an opening, she fired a shot.”

While the identity of the suspects is unknown, it’s clear that everyone in the neighborhood was overjoyed that criminals were sent an unmistakable message.

Last month, an elderly Florida homeowner was faced with a similar situation when an intruder broke into his home.


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Grabbing a firearm, the man was able to hold the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived. Authorities were soon able to apprehend the intruder and hit him with a felony burglary charge. There were no serious injuries to anyone.

Another elder, this time a California shop owner, was targeted last year by four men who attempted to rob his shop.

He quickly pulled a shotgun and evened the odds. One of the suspects was shot in the arm and had to be rushed to the hospital. The others were found and arrested.

In all of these cases, one sickening trait of criminals is made clear: They do not fight fair.

Men intent on doing harm to people and property will gladly team up to outnumber their victims, and have no problem choosing the elderly, whom they assume will be the weakest targets.

Fortunately, a civilian with a firearm can easily even the odds against men intent on harm. A gun can give even the weakest in our society the ability to defend the lives of themselves and others.

As the saying goes surrounding the work of 19th-century weapons inventor Samuel Colt, instrumental in providing the Americans of his time with affordable and reliable firearms: “God made men, and Sam Colt made them equal.”

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