Pelosi Humiliated by Ex-Mumford and Sons Musician in Oxford Union Debate



(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) A recent Oxford University debate went viral after former Mumford and Sons musician Winston Marshall rebuked former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for being an out-of-touch elite, Fox News reported.

During the Oxford Union event, the British string band’s erstwhile banjo player and lead guitarist—who was famously canceled in 2021 after promoting Antifa-fighting journalist Andy Ngo—embraced his newfound role as a truth-teller in the ultimate Orwellian showdown with the suspected mastermind behind the Jan. 6 psy-op and subsequent cover-up.

Pelosi had previously argued at the April 25 debate that “populism” was a threat to democracy in the United States, and that as a result it must be stopped, using the term as a dogwhistle to represent presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The former House Speaker, an alleged Catholic, condemned millions of Americans as “poor souls who are looking for some answers”—souls who still cling to their traditional views of “the three Gs” by refusing to accept the Democrats’ machinations.


“We’ve given them to them, but they’re blocked by some of their views on guns,” rambled the 81-year-old San Francisco leftist.

“They have the three Gs: guns, gays, God—that would be a woman’s right to choose—and the cultural issues cloud some of their reception of an argument that really is in their interest,” Pelosi claimed.

Since much of Pelosi’s incoherent argument rested on her redefining of commonly understood precepts to mean their opposite—as in suggesting that God was somehow indicative of a “woman’s right to choose” in the abortion debate—without ever making a logical case why, Marshall homed in one contradiction in particular.

He argued in response that, in the wake of the 2016 election, the word “populist,” once embraced by Democrats, had been redefined to mean “racist” or “ethno-nationalist” in order to fit the shifting paradigm and political imperative as Pelosi’s party grew farther out-of-touch with common citizens and more in bed with wealthy billionaire globalists who could sway elections through non-democratic means.

According to Marshall, it is now a term that “elites” use “to show their contempt for ordinary people.” As recently as 2016, he pointed out, then-President Barack Obama enviously rejected the labeling of Trump as a populist, insisting that he was the true champion of the working class.

But after being rebuked by voters, rather than looking inward at the problems with their message, Democrats instead blamed the voters themselves, suggesting the general populous was too ignorant and backward for its own good.

To punctuate his argument, Marshall also pointed out another contradiction—Pelosi’s efforts to redefine political violence by claiming the populist uprising at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was an insurrectionist coup while insisting that the months of leftist violence that she and other Democrats openly encouraged prior to the 2020 election was simply the democratic process at work.

“Jan. 6 has been mentioned—a dark day for America, indeed,” Marshall conceded.

“And I’m sure Congresswoman Pelosi will agree that the entire month of June 2020, when the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, was under siege and under insurrection by radical progressives—those too were dark days for America,” he added.

Pelosi, however, did not agree, and by refusing to do so, appeared to make his point.

“There is no equivalence there,” she claimed “… It is not like what happened on Jan. 6, which was an insurrection incited by the President of the United States.”

Although Trump was acquitted of any role in inciding the Jan. 6 violence, a House report suggested that Pelosi may have been responsible for it due to her deliberate refusal to provide adequate security. Video evidence, in fact, shows that many of the so-called insurrectionists were invited into the Capitol by U.S. Capitol Police and appeared to conduct themselves as tourists would have.

By contrast, there is evidence that China may have been linked to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots in Portland, Seattle and elsewhere—during which law enforcement not only refused to arrest the offenders but, in many cases, later paid them large settlements for their troubles.

Marshall went on to cite several other examples of the contrast between the “elite” and “populist” systems in different world governments and how powerful special interests had systemically co-opted democratic systems of governance to act against the interests of the public.

He concluded by arguing that “populism is democracy,” a system of government designed to keep both minority and majority factions in check.

“The threat to democracy comes from those who smear working people as racists,” Marshall concluded.

Headline USA’s Ben Sellers contributed to this report.