Over 24,000 Chinese Nationals Nabbed at U.S. Border in 2023, Surpassing Decade’s Total


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) A recent report has exposed a staggering surge in Chinese nationals attempting illegal entry into the United States via the southern border, with over 24,000 individuals intercepted in 2023 alone.  

This number surpasses the combined total of Chinese migrants apprehended over the past 10 years, marking an unprecedented spike in this demographic’s attempts to enter the country illegally

According to the New York Times, the journey for these illegal aliens often begins with visa-free flights to Ecuador. From there, they all rely on human smugglers to navigate the deadly route of the Darien Jungle between Colombia and Panama. 

An alarming trend accompanying this surge is the notably high rate at which these immigrants are filing for asylum claims. Even those who do not apply for asylum manage to stay in the U.S. due to China’s refusal to accept them back, posing a significant challenge to immigration authorities. 

A government official disclosed that among the staggering 1.3 million individuals subject to final deportation orders, approximately 100,000 are Chinese nationals. 

“More than 24,000 came to the United States during the 2023 fiscal year, according to government data. Over the previous 10 years, fewer than 15,000 Chinese migrants were caught crossing the southern border illegally,” the report alleged. 

This surge in immigration has not escaped the scrutiny of national security concerns. Reports from the New York Post earlier this month emphasized the potential risks associated with this exponential increase. 

“Clearly that border is a big opportunity,” remarked Rebecca Grant, a national security analyst at IRIS Independent Research. 

Adding to the apprehension, news anchor David Asman raised alarms on Twitter about the possible infiltration of “terrorists” and “saboteurs” from regions like the Middle East and China. 

“Thousands of ‘gotaways’ are potential terrorists and saboteurs from Mideast and China,” Asman said on Twitter. “Human smugglers banking $billions and using profits to finance more deadly fentanyl smuggling. Biden admin’s open border policies are enabling America’s worst enemies.” 

The Biden administration’s open border policies have come under intensified scrutiny for enabling alleged adversaries of the United States to exploit the southern border. The current chaos ignited an impeachment effort against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.