Ottawa Police Chief: “We Will Be Going After Protestors for MONTHS To Come!”

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What we are all seeing happening in Canada is pretty frightening.

In fact, it is chilling, especially after what the Ottawa police chief just announced too.

In a recent press conference, the police chief announced, well more aptly put, declared war on freedom, peaceful protests, and liberty in their nation.


The chief announced that he would be GOING AFTER those who have participated in the peaceful protests for months to come.

Oh, and that is not all.

The police chief stated that they will be actively pursuing financial sanctions and prison time.

For a peaceful protest?

What in the world?

People are not allowed to gather peacefully and state their displeasure with their government? Oh, maybe if they were taking a knee and burning buildings for Black Lives Matter they would be given a pass.

I hate to say it, but does this not remind you of what happened to us here in America?


The so-called January 6 “insurrection”?

Folks, this truly is the last stand and the world is watching in real-time as Canada and its dictatorship falls.

Watch it right here on Rumble:

Here is a backup on Twitter, at least until it’s taken down:

Here is more from the Westphalian Times:

In a press conference on Saturday, interim chief of Ottawa Police Steve Bell said law enforcement would go after individuals present at the peaceful freedom convoy protest in Ottawa for “months to come”.

Bell admitted police forces are collecting intelligence through police body cams. The intelligence will later be used to identify and track down the protestors and impose “financial sanctions and criminal charges”.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely”, Bell said.

Bell was also asked about false claims by the Ottawa police that a bike was thrown at police horses. Video and photographic evidence from the scene clearly shows a woman in a mobility scooter being trampled by cavalry police.

Bell refused to elaborate, but suggested the image could be “photoshopped”, adding that there was a lot of disinformation regarding the protest, and that is why the Ottawa Police has been actively posting updates on social media.

A number of those updates contradicted direct evidence from on-the-ground journalists. For example, the Ottawa police claimed no gas was used on protestors, but video and photo evidence shows them using gas.

Police in Ottawa have also injured an independent journalist by deploying a gas canister at point-blank on her leg.

I think this was extremely well put:

This is why Bitcoin is becoming more popular for this exact reason.


11 thoughts on “Ottawa Police Chief: “We Will Be Going After Protestors for MONTHS To Come!”

  1. Sounds like the Canadian gestapo is taking a lesson from the DOJ and Pelosi capital police gestapo. Neither group belongs on this side of the red curtain, and, even though they have none should be ashamed of themselves!!

  2. If you are a freedom loving human being, you are now an enemy of your government. Brought to you by the Klaus Shwaub and the World Economic Forum. “You will have nothing, and be happy.” – Klaus Shwaub

  3. no, you didn’t hit a nerve. This is just me trying to work it all by writing and researching so I am doing my best to get them all approved. Also, if you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of leftists that spam conservative sites so it is good to have this feature so that my site isn’t shut down by leftist trolls. If you have any other questions you can follow my social media links and ask me 🙂

  4. Why?? For Gestapo training for police.
    Bad optics for tourism
    OK No visits to Vic, Vancouver BC
    Seeds for more Civil War

  5. No matter where I post, a lot of my comments await moderation. It usually takes a week at least to clear. I thought the same was going to happen again. My apologies. Thank you for being prompt.

  6. no worries! I try to get them up as soon as I see them 🙂 I like to reply as much as possible so that we can have an amazing convo! feel free to send any article ideas too!

  7. Boycott Canada until Trudeau and his Antifa police force are thrown out of office. American truckers should refuse to deliver goods to Canada until every trucker arrested, beat, has been released and compensated. Stop Castro’s son from turning Canada into another communist cess pool.

  8. So, this can go on for months? Does that mean there is still time to go through video of the BLM and Antifa riots and charge any of the protesters who were equally as aggressive and violent as the Freedom Convoy protesters who are being targeted?

  9. Steve Bell is a thug with a badge. He cost Canadians millions in a law suit stemming from a recent incident where he had his Goon Squad with badges attack protesters , just as they have done the members of the Freedom Convoy. Under Trudeau’s tyranny he has turned the RCMP and many of the local Police Departments in to nothing less than a bunch of jackbooted thug enforcers for his tyranny. Boycott Canada!!!! Truckers park your trucks and do not go back on the road in Canada until this tyranny is ended and Trudeau and his thugs resign in disgrace.

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