O’Neill: The Tipping Point Is Here

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The onslaught of attacks against a fundamental American principle — equal justice for all — has given way to grave concerns that a criminal enterprise has taken control of the federal government to enrich itself and its friends while acting under the color of law to destroy its rivals.

This last week has given Americans plenty of reason to despair for our great nation. Evidence is massing that the current president and his family used his offices as a senator and then vice president to extort money from foreign officials and enterprises.

To date, we know of a Chinese energy company chaired by a man Hunter Biden called the “spy chief” of China. There’s also Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, which allegedly paid Hunter and his father $5 million each to protect the company from investigations. The Bidens were also paid by Russians, like the widow of the former mayor of Moscow, who invested $40 million in one of Hunter’s companies and tipped him with another $3.5 million in “consulting fees.”

At the same time, the Justice Department, the Biden regime’s praetorian guard, has opened up a second case against the 45th president and front-runner for the 2024 nomination, Donald Trump.

The Jan. 6-related charges enumerated in this indictment for exercising First Amendment rights are as spurious as those in the government’s case against Trump for possessing presidential records he’s entitled to hold. In short, the Republican candidate for president will have to campaign while preparing for two federal trials and another in Manhattan over business records.


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Millions of Americans are awake to the schemes, and the tipping point is here. When all things are considered, it appears as bad as if Whitey Bulger were in the White House.

So where do we go from here?

If you’re like us, you’ve seen family and friends, colleagues and compatriots become despondent for our country and our children’s future. Maybe you too have become numbed by the news, concluding that the only possible course for our country is further decline, and soon we’ll be as bad as any banana republic.

So here’s some advice going forward when you are tempted to despair: Hold on to true things. Your family and community, for sure. Your kids and grandkids. Your home and your hobbies. Your garden, your woodshop. The travel team you coach. The book clubs. The church socials. The hunting and fishing trips with friends. Your walk through the woods on a Sunday morning before church. Your fellowship and communion. God and nature are true and real things. Hold on to them.

But America is real, too, and it’s true. If the character of our ruling class is best defined by its depravity and mendacity, that’s just them. There’s nothing fake or twisted about our country. We’re not perfect, and no American ever said we are. But our history is real and true, from the founding and our great revolution to the present.

The risks Americans have taken to improve the condition of mankind are real. The blood Americans have shed to preserve our freedom and advance the cause of liberty around the world is real. The dreams that Americans worked and fought to make real are worthy of our respect and honor.

The sickness of our political, corporate and cultural elites isn’t the sum total of America. America is not the organized crime family that occupies the White House, nor the corrupt retinue of bureaucrats tasked to facilitate their corruption. All this will pass — so long as we are determined to fight for what is true and real.

And as we commit to that fight, let’s remember that America is its people — it always has been and always will be. America is We the People, a people defined by their courage, resilience, strength and faith.

America is you, and we stand with you. Together we are multitudes.

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