One Photo Of Sleepy Joe Proves He Takes Nothing Seriously!

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Things are heating up with Russia and the Ukraine situation but you would NOT be aware of that gauging from Joe Biden’s recent actions.

Just recently, Biden’s national security advisor gave a dire update that should send shivers up your spine, and here is why.


Jake Sullivan is now claiming that Russia could begin an all-out invasion of Ukraine within the next 24-48 hours.

CNBC reported that any Americans still in Ukraine should leave “immediately,” the White House said Friday, as it warned that Russia could potentially launch an invasion of the country “any day now” — possibly even during the Olympics.

“Any American in Ukraine should leave as soon as possible, and in any event in the next 24 to 48 hours,” President Joe Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, said during a press briefing.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is on his way to Camp David – notice he’s not going to Delaware as much after reporters started asking a lot of questions about his trips and “visitor logs.”

Biden was outside, getting ready to travel, and instead of taking questions on what was going down with Russia and Ukraine, he took selfies with his staffers.

Real Clear New reporter Philip Wegmann said this: “President Biden took selfies and shook hands with staff ahead of his departure to Camp David. Half an hour ago, @JakeSullivan46
told us Russia could invade Ukraine in 24-48 hours. Biden did not take questions.”



After everything Americans saw goes down with that disastrous mess in Afghanistan, many Americans were not too happy to see this picture.


Especially since he wouldn’t take questions.

Here’s what they said:

“Worst POTUS ever.”

“No problem. The last decision he made was about ice cream flavors”

“we don’t have a president we have a resident….”

“Take selfies, avoid reporters and head to Camp David while war could break out any moment between Russia and Ukraine.”

“WWIII will be breaking out….perfect time for selfies “

“81 million”

“Not only a pathetic person but a pathetic leader… no way 81 million people voted for this buffoon!!Stolen elections have consequences…”

“A picture is worth a thousand words…”

“Worst POTUS ever”

“Talk about someone completely lost and unfit for office”

“simply incredible, the people of Ukraine should be concerned, gravely concerned”

“In all fairness, whatever the situation is, it will more than likely go better if old Joe is locked in a basement somewhere.”

This man and his Handlers have no concept of what “optics” are.

They just don’t get it, and every move they make is a bad one.

Right now, Biden should look serious, strong, and stoic.

Not like a befuddled clown taking selfies.

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11 thoughts on “One Photo Of Sleepy Joe Proves He Takes Nothing Seriously!

  1. Sniffy Joe’s photo is in the Dictionary TWICE…over the words: ‘INEPT’ and ‘UNQUALIFIED’.

  2. RIGHT!! Don’t hold your breath waiting on that to happen. WE live in a make believe world. Nothing is real any more. And if you don’t believe me ask any dumboRATS.

  3. Why comment nobody cares any more. If they did biden and his lap puppies would have been out of office a long time ago.

  4. When your a 47 year loser and then promoter to leader by frUD AND HASN’T 2 BRAIN CELLS LEFT TO TUB TOGETHER THEY YOU CRAP YYOUR PANTS AND FART AS IF YOUR A 10 YEAR OLD.

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