Obama Sent Spinning by His Hometown, And He May Never Show His Face…

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Hey, remember that presidential library Barack Obama was supposed to make? Yeah, yeah, all presidents get their own library. But Barry’s project–which is called the “Obama Presidential Center”–has been delayed for years. Mostly due to its enormous price tag.

Yep, Obama is spending half a billion dollars to build an eternal shrine to himself.

The former president plans to put this center in his hometown. But the expensive project is set to transform an entire section of the city. Already home prices are going up fast, as some fear the center will “gentrify” a neighbor of minority Americans. And now, they are lashing out at their former hero.

From The Post Millennial:

As construction ramps up on Chicago’s $500 million Obama Presidential Center, so to have concerns that the project will harm the South Side residents it originally promised to help…

A recent investigation revealed that median home prices in the area, which is among Chicago’s poorest, have doubled since Obama announced the project in 2014…

Longtime resident Dixon Romeo suggested that he and other Chicagoans “don’t want the Obama Center … to be another page in the long history of displacing Black people or doing harm to Black families,” pointing out that, “the city is the only one that can stop that.”

Wow. Obama, who rode into office on the false promise that he’d help black people, is hurting black families with his new center. Since he announced his plan to build it in South Chicago, prices for homes have doubled.

Many fear that this project will gentrify the area. That’s a good thing, in terms of bringing in businesses, jobs, and wealth. But in the process, it drives up the prices of housing. The minority, work-class folks who live there now won’t be able to afford to do so for much longer.

And they are none too pleased with that.

Some are demanding the city respond with strict measures to keep housing prices “fair.” Rent control was something Democrats used, decades ago, to prevent poor folks from losing their homes. These days, they often require builders to provide a few units at a low price and give those away in a lottery.

A far cry from helping folks find affordable housing, I can tell you that.

Pretty ironic, huh? These folks used to fawn over Obama. They cheered in the streets when he was elected. But today, they have realized he’s just another crooked Democrat, out to make himself filthy rich.

We could have told you that fifteen years ago!