Obama Scolds Leftist Protesters Who Interrupted Biden Fundraiser: ‘You Have to Listen’


(Headline USA) Former President Barack Obama tried to scold leftist protesters who interrupted his fundraiser with President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton on Thursday.

Hundreds of anti-Israel activists gathered outside the fundraiser venue in New York City to protest the Biden administration’s continued support of Israel in its war against Hamas, according to a report on the incident by Politico. A few made their way into the event itself and interrupted the presidents by yelling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

“You’re out of your f***ing minds,” yelled the first protester, who was escorted out of the room.

Late night host Stephen Colbert, who was moderating the discussion, attempted to diffuse the situation, saying, “Excuse me, Mr. President,” he said to Biden.

“For people who are watching at home on the feed, you may not be able to hear, but there’s some protesters here. There are some protesters here who are no doubt related to the protests we saw across the street,” he said.

“There are people outside, and people in this room I’m sure, who have passionate divisions about what the best course of action is for the crisis in Israel, in Gaza right now,” Colbert continued. “What do you believe the United States’s role should be going forward to ensure the most peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Israel and for Gaza?”

More protesters interrupted Colbert and Biden, accusing the president of having “blood on his hands.”

At one point, Obama tried to cut in, saying his heart “breaks … initially for a massacre of unbelievable cruelty,” he said in reference to Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack on Israel. “It is also possible for us to say we unequivocally support the people of Israel and their ability to live and raise families and so forth, which is what Joe’s position has been.”

But Obama was also met with protests from the activists in the crowd. He then tried to scold them, saying, “No, no, listen. You can’t just talk and not listen. That’s what the other side does.”

The protest is the latest indication that Biden is facing a revolt from the Democratic Party’s left-flank over his handling of the war, with tens of thousands of primary voters abandoning his reelection campaign during the primary elections earlier this year.