NYFD Unleashes Probe Into Pro-Trump Firefighters’ Heckling of AG James


(Luis CornelioHeadline USA) The New York City Fire Department has initiated an investigation into the group of pro-Donald Trump firefighters who ridiculed Attorney General Letitia James during a Thursday ceremony, leaked internal memos showed. 

According to journalist Leeroy Johnson, as disclosed on the “Viral News NYC” Twitter page, an internal NYFD memo is urging protesting firefighters to step forward voluntarily or risk identification through available footage.

The memo suggests that those responsible for the heckling may face enrollment in “education” camps to address their behavior. The investigation is led by the Bureau of Investigations and Trials, an internal investigative body of the NYFD.

The alleged investigation follows an incident in which James was disrupted by firefighters shouting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” as she attempted to deliver a speech at a ceremony honoring recently promoted firefighters

In an effort to regain control, James responded, “Oh, c’mon, we’re in a house of God. Simmer down. Thank you for getting it out of your system.”

The leaked memo dubs the firefighters’ conduct as “grossly inappropriate,” emphasizing their right to protest but not while on duty.

“Our actions at the promotion damaged the relationship with the attorney general and the Christian Cultural Center,” the memo read, hailing James as a “friend” to the firefighter’s union and a supporter of the fire department.

The memo contends, “These actions reflected very poorly upon us and diminished the dignity of the occasion. … Instead of news reports talking about the accomplishments of our members, it talked about the politics and our poor behavior.” 

Reportedly, news of the investigation prompted the Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) to issue a memo advising targeted individuals to seek legal representation if notified of impending consequences. 

“The UFOA has become aware of the Department’s response to Wednesday’s promotion ceremony,” the UFOA said in a statement to its members. “Beginning today, deputy chiefs will visit reach company in attendance to discuss the events and offer members the opportunity to come forward.” 

The union concluded: “Should any member feel they are subject to an investigation due to the nature of specific questions, they should immediately notify the UFOA and request representation. Any additional inquiries should not continue until a UFOA representative is present.” 

Headline USA contacted the firefighters’ union on Saturday, but a receptionist was unable to provide information, as union members do not work on weekends. Headline USA’s calls to the NYFD and BITS went unanswered.

James, a Democrat, has been in the spotlight following a contentious civil lawsuit against the Trump Organization.

First elected in 2019, James pledged to prosecute Trump and his family during her campaign. Once in office, she accused Trump of illegally inflating his wealth to secure generous loans among other perks. Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron sided with James, ordering Trump to pay over $450 million in fines, a sum that continues to grow until fully paid.