Nikki Haley: Corporations Should Be Able to Hire However Many Foreign Workers They Want


(Dmytro “Henry” AleksandrovHeadline USA) RINO presidential candidate Nikki Haley told her supporters earlier this month that immigration needs to be reformed by allowing industry leaders to hire as many foreigners as they want.

A video from the Nov. 2, 2023, campaign event in New Hampshire revealed Haley’s position, according to the Post Millennial.

“For too long, Republican and Democrat presidents dealt with immigration based on a quota. We’ll take X number this year, we’ll take X number next year, the debate is on the number. It’s the wrong way to look at it. We need to do it based on merit,” she said.

Haley then talked about how American companies should prioritize anyone who is best suited for the job, even if that someone is a foreigner who would take away the job from an American citizen.

“We need to go to our industries and say ‘What do you need that you don’t have?’. So think agriculture, think tourism, think tech. We want the talent that’s going to make us better. Then you bring people in that can fill those needs. That way you’re actually emboldening in your economy,” she said.

Haley then backtracked by saying she doesn’t approve of illegal immigration while repeating once again that American companies should not prioritize Americans over foreigners.

“Yes, the fabric of America is legal immigration. But let’s get the right ones in that are gonna make America better,” she said.

According to some people, among whom was immigration law advisor to CEOs and migrants, Jay Palmer, Haley wants to “legalize human labor trafficking” for businesses.

“The migrants will come over here, they will be abused, and they will work for any wages because the economy in the United States is better than in their country,” Palmer said.

The Department of Homeland Security revealed in fiscal year 2023 that it apprehended over 2 million illegal immigrants who were making their way into the United States.

Haley showed her inconsistent stand on immigration once again during her speech when she said that she would deport anyone who came over since the Biden administration took over but then added that she would be open to letting some of those criminals stay if they had a job.

“If they’re feeding off the system, you send them back. If they’re actually trying to be productive and have a job and have a record that we can look at, then we can look at what happens,” she said.”

The director of investigations at the Center for Immigration Studies, Jon Feere was one of the people who criticized Haley.

“That’s a very strong suggestion that she has little interest [in] removing people who don’t belong here,” he said.