New School Staff Training Video Compares White People to Mosquitoes


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) One of the videos that was shown to some people who work in one of the New Prague, Minn., schools compared white people to mosquitoes who are inherently biased against non-white people, justifying the murder of white people by nonwhites.

The other video that was shown to the school staff was also very racist toward white people.

“Just imagine, instead of being a stupid comment, a microaggression is a mosquito bite,” one of the videos teaching about microaggressions said.

The narrator in the video also said that some people — the ones with darker skin — are “bitten” by “mosquitoes” a lot more than others.

According to the white-hating leftists, telling non-white people that they are well-spoken, complimenting their hair, or asking when a person is going to have a baby are all examples of microaggressions.

The narrator in the video went as far as to say that some microaggressions “can even kill you,” showing a man who shot someone because “it looked like he was up to trouble.”

It was also told in the video that frequently getting bit by mosquitoes is annoying and “makes you want to go ballistic on those mosquitoes, which seems like a huge overreaction to people who only get bit every once in a while.”

The video then tried justifying the murder of white people by non-white people by showing a black woman using a flamethrower to kill the “mosquitos.”

When contacted by Alpha News, New Prague Superintendent Andrew Vollmuth responded to the content of the video by saying that the school staff was shown a different “version of the video,” even though this version couldn’t be found anywhere. Vollmuth also didn’t provide the version himself.

In his response to Alpha News, Vollmuth also included some talking points about diversity, equity and inclusion, adding that the videos were part of staff professional development to “proactively address the needs of our increasingly diverse community.”