New Mexico Democrat Gov. Roasted for Ordering New Gun Ban


(Mark Pellin, Headline USA) New Mexico Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was called out for scheming a reversal of her draconian gun ban that whittled away some restrictions but still criminalizes law-abiding citizens for exercising their Constitutional rights.

Grisham announced Friday that she was amending her total ban on gun possession that drew bipartisan criticism, faced several lawsuits and had been slapped with a federal judge’s restraining order.

Grisham’s original executive fiat declared gun violence a health emergency and banned the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque and the surrounding county and carried a $5,000 fine for offenders.

The amended order narrowed the scope of her unconstitutional gun grab with a revised decree that it would now only be illegal to legally carry guns in parks and playgrounds “where we know we have high risk of kids and families,” Grisham said in a Friday news conference.

“I have amended the public health order to specify that you cannot carry #guns in city parks or playgrounds in Albuquerque & Bernalillo Co.,” Grisham tweeted. “I respect the judge’s decision on the last public order, but I am far from done fighting to protect New Mexicans.”

Conservative commentator Tim Pool unwound the governor’s spin job.

“That is to say, she is issuing a new order to bypass the courts trying to still ban guns. You can’t do it,” Pool said, with his crew weighing in that “She’s intentionally trying to violate constitutional rights.”

Pool offered a four-step solution to “Impeach, indict, convict, prison,” but conceded it was unlikely in far-left Democrats controlling the state.

New Mexico Republican lawmakers said they’ve been working for actual solutions to gun violence crime, not violating citizens’ rights. In that vein, GOP lawmakers on Friday knocked back a report that they were urging Grisham “to call the Legislature into a special session to address crime, lists 10 bills that did not pass last session they say should be taken up.” The governor’s spokesperson reportedly ruled out calling a special session.

“We are not urging, this is a call to action,” NM House Republicans corrected.

Republican state Sen. Gregg Schmedes., who called Grisham’s amended order a “new gun ban,” ripped the latest sham edict.

“Firearms disallowed in all public parks. This means families who take their children to parks (in a city with rampant violent crime) cannot bring a firearm for self-defense,” Schmede said, deriding the new order as “a mere continuation of dangerous, nonsensical, anti-family policies.”

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