New Disturbing Video Shows U.S. Citizen Moments After Hamas Blew His Arm



(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) CNN released a harrowing video of American Israeli Hersh Goldberg-Polin in a perplexed state of shock shortly after Hamas terrorists allegedly blew off his arm with a grenade.

The video, though blurred due to its graphic content, shows Hersh being aided into a van, with the bone of his left limb visibly exposed, as he was transported to the Gaza Strip.

The 23-year-old had been attending a trance music festival in the southern region of Israel when the attack occurred, resulting in over 1,400 casualties.

Anderson Cooper, the CNN host, recounted his experience of viewing the distressing video during an interview with Rachel Goldberg and Jon Polin, the parents of the injured American. The parents confirmed the identity of the blood-soaked individual as their son. 

“As horrible as it is as a parent to your kid under gunpoint, with one arm … the composure with which he’s walking on his own legs, pulling himself with his one weak hand onto the truck, gave me a real dose of strength,” Polin told Cooper.

Goldberg also highlighted her son’s demeanor, suggesting that his calmness might have been due to shock. 

In a recent public appearance, Goldberg emphasized her determination to find her son, asserting, “I personally feel like we have to keep running to the end of the Earth to save him and we have to try to go believing that somehow he got treatment and … he’s alive and he’s there.” 

As reported by the New York Post, the distraught parents were seen at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, seeking support and action for their son’s safe return. 

Earlier this month, Goldberg appealed to the U.S. authorities for assistance in locating her son. “Unfortunately, what we heard about Hersh [from eyewitnesses] is that his arm was blown off from his elbow down,” she said at the time. “He tourniqueted his own arm.”

She also shared the last messages they received from him, revealing the heartbreaking content.  

“There were two texts in a row from Hersh at 8:11. The first one said, ‘I love you.’… also, it said, ‘I’m sorry’. And so I knew immediately, wherever he was, it was a terrible situation,” the mother added. “I took it to mean I love you and I’m sorry because whatever is going to happen is going to cause you tremendous pain and worry.”