New Details Put Obama at Scene of Paddleboat Death


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) It was revealed that Barack Obama was physically present at the scene of the drowning death of his chef, Tafari Campbell.

“The Massachusetts State Police [MSP] responded to our [Freedom of Information Act] request and released their report, with some redactions. According to the report, Obama was on the scene shortly after Campbell went missing. The report also states an unmanned female staffer jumped into the water when Tafari fell off his board,” Jesse Watters of Fox News said.

Watters then added that her jumping into the water didn’t help because it was already too late since Campbell already drowned.

“We also now know that the Secret Service has surveillance footage of Campbell from Obama’s compound moments before he entered the water,” he said.

Judicial Watch also asked the MSP for information regarding the tragic death of Obama’s cook and, eventually, received 40 pages of records.

“[The records] indicate the presence of Barack Obama for a witness interview in the death investigation of the Obama’s chef Tafari Campbell. The records, which are heavily redacted, indicate Barack Obama and a direct witness to Campbell’s drowning arrived at the emergency response scene via motorcade,” Judicial Watch wrote on Friday.

The news source also added that Obama was present during the interviews of eyewitnesses.

“The next morning, the eyewitness was interviewed in the Obama residence, again with Barack Obama present,” Judicial Watch wrote.

It was also indicated in the records obtained by the news source that there is a video of Campbell and his paddleboarding companion entering the water.

“The records also detail the existence of a Secret Service video of Campbell and his paddleboarding companion entering the water, and the Secret Service emergency response in the immediate aftermath of the drowning. The State Police records show they concluded ‘no foul play’ in Campbell’s ‘accidental’ death,” Judicial Watch wrote.

In its report, Judicial Watch also added that Campbell has been taking swimming lessons in 2019 but described his ability as “not a great swimmer,” according to his family.