N.Y. AG Letitia James Endorses LGBT Grooming in Public Schools


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) New York’s attorney general and the state’s commissioner of education effectively announced the Democrat-run enclave’s capitulation to leftists’ demands to infiltrate public schools with their radical LGBT agendas and grooming materials.

The Democrat duo released a statement this month declaring schools are legally barred from banning “lewdness.”

AG Letitia James and Schools Commissioner Betty Rosa claimed that banning inappropriate content from classrooms of any age “systemically remove[s] diverse perspectives from the classroom” and violated the New York State Human Rights Law, according to Breitbart.

The statement cautioned schools against “prohibiting discussions related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary and gender expansive people, or diverse family structures and identities using a pretext of inappropriateness or obscenity.”

Though not made explicit, school administrators would not be able to remove pornographic material, such as the book Gender Queer, from state or federally sanctioned curricula.

The statement went to great lengths to protect the gay agenda in schools, explaining that banning support groups, discussions related to nontraditional family structures and even requiring purportedly “gender expansive” students to present identification was harmful.

The guidance also could be interpreted as mandates that even kids in kindergarten and preschool be exposed to sexually explicit material, critics argued.

“They are saying the quiet part out loud,” noted X’s Right Side of History, which ripped the guidance as “a war on parents’ ability to safeguard their children” and “a war for children’s minds.”

The Soros-backed AG wasn’t just “threatening legal action if you take obscene materials out of the curriculum,” the tweet noted she was also threatening schools for not including the LGBT obscenities in the curriculum.

The New York Democrat lawmakers also dismissed concerns of young girls that they be required to share changing rooms with allegedly transgender boys.

The legislators prohibited “barring a gender expansive student from a single-gender extracurricular program out of concern that they will make other students uncomfortable.”

The statement concluded with a threat of action against discriminatory actions.

“If teachers or other school staff know of discrimination in their school or school district based on a protected class, they may report such discrimination to their supervisor or to agencies charged with remedying that discrimination,” the statement read. “Reporters may receive protection from retaliation based on applicable law.”

Though not explicitly stated in the statement, critics contend that transgenderism seemed to achieve protected class status, despite the lack of need for doctor’s certification.