N.J. School District Bans Halloween Due to Worries over Inequity


(Headline USA) A New Jersey school district announced this week that it will ban Halloween decorations, celebrations and costumes during school hours, citing its dedication to “diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Ronald Taylor, superintendent of South Orange & Maplewood School District wrote a letter to parents explaining the district’s grinchy devotion to politically correct wokeism.

“As you know, SOMSD is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion meaningfully—not just saying the words but also promoting an inclusive school,” Taylor wrote.

“… Our aim is to build a consistent approach across the District as to how our schools observe and celebrate holidays and special events,” he added. “Each year, questions arise from families, students, and staff about what SOMSD schools will be doing regarding Halloween.” 

This year, he said, the district decided to do away with all school-sponsored celebrations and instead do a festival that was focused on autumn. 

The decision was based on several questions, Taylor said:

“Is promoting school-sponsored Halloween activities creating indirect and unintentional financial hardships for students and families? Do school-sponsored Halloween activities violate the dignity of some of our students and families, either culturally or religiously? Does the promotion of school-sponsored Halloween activities create tensions with the equity and access values of SOMSD?” he wrote.

Taylor said he recognized the decision may be disappointing to some students and families, but he argued it was necessary to keep the district’s “commitment to building equity, fostering inclusion, and building a sense of belonging throughout our schools.”

Even Democrat New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy mocked the district’s leaders.

“Seriously? We can’t let kids celebrate Halloween? Give me a break,” Murphy tweeted.

However, New Jersey Republicans were quick to point out that the school district is simply following the agenda set by Murphy’s party.

“While I shockingly agree with you @GovMurphy, isn’t this the level of woke you’ve been striving for? They’re just following your lead,” wrote state Sen. Edward Durr.