MURDOCK: Americans Uniting in Outrage over Biden’s Imported Voters


(Deroy Murdock, Headline USA) Police say that at least 12 illegal aliens pummeled two NYPD cops outside a taxpayer-funded shelter in Times Square on Jan. 27.

Among five arrested, four were released without bail, three hours later. Unrepentant, Jhoan Boada, 22, waved his middle fingers as he left court.

The New York Post reports that a church-affiliated non-government organization put these four suspects on a California-bound bus, three time zones from justice.

Gavin Newsom, the sanctuary state’s Democrat governor, likely will welcome them with open arms and fresh freebies.

Rather than, “Thank you for having us!” the illegals’ message to America is: “F*** You!”

“Why aren’t they in jail right now?” New York City Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry demanded Thursday.

“They brutally attacked a New York City police officer and a lieutenant,” he continued. “Our criminal justice system is upside down. It fails every day.”

This incident encapsulates life under the Joe Biden Democrats: BINO—a Border in Name Only, rampant illegal immigration, disdain for law enforcement, far-Left “prosecutors” who lionize criminals, pushover judges with bleeding hearts, illegal aliens fueled by entitlement rather than gratitude, and an ever-expanding sense of chaos.

The American people did not vote for this, nor did they ask for the crime explosion that Biden and his border-hating Democrats have detonated.

This blast of lawlessness begins at the border, where everyone who has arrived without a passport has violated 8 US Code § 1325—Improper Entry by Alien.

To be clear: Every illegal alien became a criminal the millisecond his toes touched American soil. For that alone, all 8.8 million illegal aliens whom Biden waved in should be booted immediately.

Donald J. Trump’s promised mass deportations are his most tantalizing pledge. Once these people go home, they can apply for visas, with their turn, and then enter legally—precisely as my mother and father did when they came from Costa Rica in 1962.

Tens of millions have entered America lawfully and then peacefully and patiently earned work permits, green cards and citizenship.

Goodie-grabbing illegal aliens insult these legal immigrants. The Biden/Democrat tsunami of lawbreakers needs to wash back out and do things the right way.


From the border, illegal-alien criminals march north. Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently arrested 171 illegal aliens in 25 cities. They were accused or “convicted of horrible, almost unspeakable crimes like assault against children, including sexual assault and murder,” ICE’s acting director, Patrick Lechleitner, announced Thursday.

Among those arrested:

  • A Salvadoran in Tacoma, Washington, 53, convicted of felony child molestation and child rape.
  • A Mexican in Chicago, 21, convicted of child pornography – victim under 13.
  • A Mexican in Denver, 32, convicted of first-degree murder, with extreme indifference.

In Fiscal Year 2023, ICE arrested 73,822 criminal foreigners, averaging four suspected or proved offenses each, totaling 290,708 collective charges and convictions. These included 139 potential or confirmed terrorists and 3,406 indicted or guilty gang members.

Among their crimes:

  • Kidnapping (1,655)
  • Homicide (1,713)
  • Robbery (3,097)
  • Sexual assault (4,390)
  • Burglary (6,964)
  • Weapons offenses (7,520)
  • Assault (33,209)

To avoid further preventable carnage, the U.S. House voted 274-150 Thursday to deport illegals who drive under the influence.

All 215 Republicans present (100%) backed this proposal, as did 59 Democrats (28.2%). But 150 Democrats (71.8%)—including Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York and speaker emerita Nancy Pelosi of California—voted to keep illegal-alien drunken drivers cruising through America.

Biden and his co-conspirators welcome this massive foreign invasion as Future Democrats of America. If the path to the Democrats’ new margin of victory involves a simultaneous collapse in US laws and public safety, then those cracked eggs will compose their winning electoral omelet.

However these illegals might vote, if they are not removed first, they might not outweigh the backlash that has erupted among American citizens, Left to Right, who are disgusted with the Biden Democrats’ evil, twisted, dangerous, and too-often deadly scheme to maintain power and control by any means necessary.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor.