Melania Trump Has Broken Her Silence And Boy Did She…

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Former President Donald Trump has been an officially confirmed 2024 candidate for some time now. But his wife has been mostly quiet on the issue.

Former First Lady Melania Trump is often quiet and reserved, typically the precise opposite of her husband.

However, Mrs. Trump has finally spoken out about Donald’s 2024 bid — and her fans will definitely applaud.

In speaking to Fox News Digital, Melania made it clear that she fully supports her husband’s 2024 drive to the White House.

She said she stands tall alongside Donald’s dream of “restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength” during a second term.

She also said it would be a “privilege” be FLOTUS again, and added:

My husband achieved tremendous success in his first administration, and he can lead us toward greatness and prosperity once again.

He has my support, and we look forward to restoring hope for the future and leading America with love and strength.

Donald Trump announced his 2024 campaign last November and Melania hasn’t made many public statements since.

But she was quite vocal in this new interview, and she’s not hedging her bets at all: she’s 100% behind Donald, and she’d love to be First Lady again.

Her “Be Best” initiative, which focuses on the physical and mental well-being of children, is now entering its sixth year. But that’s not all:

Since leaving Washington, Melania has founded “Fostering the Future,” which is a new branch of “Be Best” that aims to grant computer science scholarships to children in the foster care system.

Said Mrs. Trump:

Since leaving Washington D.C., my commitment to the foster community has grown stronger.

At the present time, there are more than 400,000 children in the foster care system, and there is less than a 3% chance of former foster children completing their college education. In fact, many end up on the street, homeless.

My objective is to reduce the gap and increase access to higher education for those who leave the foster care system.

She finished by saying this “education-based foundation will provide these individuals with the skills needed to secure employment and achieve financial stability.”

Even if you’re not a fan of Donald Trump, it’s difficult to find fault with Melania’s great strides in helping America’s youth.

And when her focus is on helping children, especially within the increasingly toxic climate that is America’s schools, many citizens will pull for her success.

Currently, most polls are showing Trump with a substantial lead among GOP hopefuls for 2024.