Megan Rapinoe Claims Career-Ending Injury Is Disproof of God (Not Divine Punishment)


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) In the final game of her soccer career, woke activist Megan Rapinoe injured herself, got benched and claimed that the injury was proof that God does not exist.

Rapinoe, 38, tripped and injured her Achilles tendon six minutes into her final National Women’s Soccer League championship game against Gotham FC, according to the Daily Mail.

For her, this was a sign that no divine power could possibly exist.

“I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a God, this is proof that there isn’t,” she said in a post-game interview. “This is f***ed up.”

She also described the injury as “devastating,” as it caused her to miss her final game.

“I guess I just rode until the wheels came right off!” Rapinoe said. “Now I’m just a NARP, a normal-ass regular person, having to do rehab which is f***ing devastating.”

Meanwhile, the so-called NARPs on Twitter took the opportunity to correct Rapinoe on her drastically incorrect apologetics, pointing out that God does not exist solely to cater to her whims.

“‘God didn’t do what I want him to do, that proves he isn’t real,’” one user said, summarizing Rapinoe. “Oddly enough, it’s the things I thought I wanted/needed and God didn’t give them to me that I’m the most thankful for.”

“Woke player disrespects her nation by kneeling during national anthem, suffers non-contact injury to her knee on Veterans’ day to ruin her last game,” another user said. “Seems to me like God is alive and well and sending her a not-so-subtle message. Apparently, she didn’t get the message.”

Rapinoe went full-fleged woke activist in 2016, kneeling for the national anthem in support of Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick.

She also advocated for greater abortion access, despite being a lesbian.

Rapinoe also invited men who identify as women to play on female sports teams, claiming that preventing this from happening was “legislat[ing] away people’s full humanity.”