Mass Shooting Leaves Multiple Victims, Authorities Seek Public’s Help

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It’s a tragic start to summer break for one St. Louis family, who are mourning the death of their 17-year-old son after he was shot and killed at a party gone wrong this past Sunday morning.

St. Louis police reported that Makao Moore was fatally shot in an office building near 14th and Washington, while ten other people were injured from gun violence or otherwise injured in the incident, ranging in age from 15 to 19 years old.

Darryl Moore, Makao’s father, described his son as an outgoing and loving person who cherished his family; especially his sisters. He was also a high school junior with dreams of turning his passion for computers into a moneymaker one day. His cousin Donesha Belton shared her description of Makao as “a gamer” with aspirations to build games and play them professionally for pay.

Makao’s father recalled talking to him about the party he planned on attending prior to the tragedy; it was supposed to be just a kid’s party full of fun without any drama or negative energy present according to Donna Rhone—the mother of another 17-year-old boy who was shot in the face during the ordeal but survived. Unfortunately though, things changed abruptly when another group showed up at some point during the evening and all hell broke loose. Mrs Rhone said that now they must help all those affected get through mentally and emotionally as well as physically by introducing new laws which regulate access to firearms and Airbnbs that may have been rented out for these kinds of events.

Police confirmed that admission had been by invitation only yet tenants revealed complaints about security around the building due to doors being continuously propped open throughout their stay – both problems needing further investigation moving forward if justice is ever going to be served for Makao Moore’s untimely death earlier this week across Missouri state lines.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has released photos of four people wanted in connection with a shooting that left one teenager dead and ten other juveniles hurt over the weekend.

According to police, 17-year-old Makao Moore died Sunday morning after gunfire erupted in an office building near 14th and Washington. Ten other people, ranging in age from 15 to 19, were shot or otherwise injured. Investigators say teenagers were at the scene having a party when the shooting broke out around 1:00 am Sunday morning. Shell casings from AR-15 style rifles and other firearms were found scattered on the ground.

Police are searching for two suspects described as gunmen, one friend of a gunman, and another individual they believe may have witnessed the incident. All four individuals were caught on camera around the time of the shooting and FOX 2 has shared two photos – one with an accused gunman and another featuring a gunman alongside their friend.

Anyone with information regarding this tragic tragedy is urged to contact either The St Louis Metropolitan Police Department at 314-444-5371 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS (8477). Authorities ask anyone who may have seen something or heard anything to come forward as soon as possible so justice can be served for Makao Moore’s family who lost their son too soon due to gun violence. Missouri also requires all firearm owners to obtain permits before legally purchasing guns within state lines; yet it is still unclear whether either suspect was lawfully carrying firearms during this incident nor what their motives may have been for causing such devastation amongst innocent civilians at a teenage gathering gone wrong far too quickly .

Missouri’s gun laws are quite lenient compared to many other states across America; however there are still certain regulations that must be followed by those attempting purchase firearms within state lines including obtaining permits beforehand from local law enforcement officials prior to any purchases being made.. It remains uncertain if these two offenders had followed any gun regulations prior to committing this crime; however what is clear now more than ever before is just how dangerous gun violence can be amongst our youth even here locally in St Louis where senseless tragedies like this occur far too frequently leaving behind broken families mourning loved ones taken away before their time due violent crimes involving firearms unlawfully obtained by criminals here in our own backyards without proper regulation or oversight from local law enforcement bodies today .