Major U.S Meat Producer Partners w/ WEF, Opens Insect Plant


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) America’s largest meat producer announced that it will partner with a company that is linked to the World Economic Forum to open a major insect processing plant in the United States.

Tyson Foods Inc., the largest producer in the U.S. for all kinds of meats, bought a stake in Netherlands-based insect-protein company Protix BV, according to Slay News.

The news source added that Protix BV described itself as a company that leads “the world in the technical aspects of insect production.”

Protix BV also received a “Technology Pioneer” award from the WEF, with the CEO of the company, Kees Aarts, being listed as a member of the globalist organization.

Both Tyson Foods Inc. and Protix BV collaborated to establish a manufacturing facility in the U.S. where they would produce bug-based meat and oil that is typically used in fish feed and dog food.

However, it was revealed by Tyson CFO John Tyson that the company won’t stop doing just that, adding that “in the long run,” the company will produce products that are “good for people.”

“It’s a multibillion-dollar industry opportunity that has tremendous growth potential, and we see Protix as being a leader there,” he said.

“Insect-protein inclusion” can be beneficial to both the “planet and animals,” Tyson added.

Protix, the company that was established in 2009, already supplies insect-based protein to pet food makers Nestle SA and Mars Inc. but plans to expand operations internationally through the partnership with Tyson.

“It is definitely a huge way to establish ourselves into an international context,” Aarts said, adding that the deal with Tyson is a “tipping point we have been working for” and that the U.S. plant will be fully operational by 2025.

He also said that the new facility will be four times larger than the company’s existing facility in the Netherlands.