Legal Expert: Hunter Biden Indictments May Be Ruse to Dodge House Probe


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) While some are celebrating Hunter Biden’s latest felony indictments in California as a long overdue measure of justice, others are cautioning that it may be a conveniently timed way of avoiding congressional testimony that could lead to the impeachment of his father, President Joe Biden.

Legal experts hinted that the indictments may be meant to shield Hunter at his scheduled congressional deposition on Wednesday by allowing him to plead the Fifth Amendment, asserting his right against self-incrimination, the Daily Caller reported.

Similar criticisms followed Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of David Weiss, who had led the investigation into Hunter as U.S. Attorney for Delaware, to be the special council overseeing the probe into him shortly after Republicans launched their own investigations.

Doing so assured that the Justice Department could keep its case open indefinitely and continue to stonewall on any subpoena requests, despite the pressure it faced following whistleblower testimony that Weiss had slow-walked the case intentionally to ride out the statute of limitations.

Hunter was charged for failing to pay over $1 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019, according to the court, spending “millions of dollars on an extravagant lifestyle rather than paying his tax bills.”

But during an appearance Thursday with Fox News host Jesse Watters, former U.S. Attorney Brett Tollman said the timing of the grand-jury indictment immediately following his subpoena to appear in Congress next week seemed suspicious.

“They could have brought these charges much earlier,” Tolman said. “They didn’t because they wanted to try to slip one past the American public.”

Republicans James Comer of Kentucky and Jim Jordan of Ohio, the respective chairs of the  House Oversight  and House Judiciary committees initially issued a subpoena on Nov. 8 for Hunter to appear on Dec. 13 at the deposition to answer questions about his foreign business ties as they investigate potential bribery and foreign influence during Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president.

“The heat is increasing,” Tollman noted, while arguing that the evasive maneuvers are as much to protect the president and his political interests as they are about Hunter.

“The scope of his involvement is increasing,” Tollman added. “The evidence is coming forward that he had more participation and contact with Hunter Biden’s funders.”

Comer spoke out on CNN conveying similar worries on Friday, only to be met with derision from far-left hack Jake Tapper.