Leftists Descend on Kyle Rittenhouse at Memphis TPUSA Event


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) Leftists at the University of Memphis (UM) descended on Kyle Rittenhouse, the 21-year-old Second Amendment advocate, who spoke on March 20, 2024, at an event that was hosted by the UM student chapter of Turning Point USA.

Rittenhouse was planning to “share his side of the story that caught the media’s eye in 2020,” an event listing indicated.

Blaze Media reported that hundreds of protestors gathered outside, screaming at guests, hindering the flow of traffic in and out of the UC Theatre and shoving different signs in everybody’s faces, among which were “No killers on my campus,” “You’re in denial, Kyle,” “Murderers don’t belong here,” and “No one should be open to Racism, Christo-Fascism, Murderous Little S***s.”

A UM spokesman indicated in a statement ahead of the event that the university was legally required to permit Rittenhouse to speak, which didn’t stop the leftist fascist from trying to get to the speaker.

Ahead of the student event at the UM, school administrators leaked “ticketing information to protester groups so they can reserve large numbers of newly issued tickets and sabotage the events,” TPUSA spokesman Andrew Kolvet said.

“We know this because some of our students are in the protester group chats,” he said.

Footage circulating online revealed that protesters were indeed present inside the theater. The extent of their disruptions is not clear.

It was also reported by the news source that the TPUSA student chapter president was doxxed before the event, with his full name, phone number and even his exact address being posted online

“Let him know how you feel about this decision to provoke black students by inviting a racist murderer on campus,” the comment next to the private information said.

Lauren Shelley, the director of conferences and event services at the UM, just laughed off the student’s concern, saying that the student “probably shouldn’t stay there tonight.”

After the event was over, the far-left mob swarmed attendees who tried to leave the venue and bar Rittenhouse’s exit, the decision that forced police to escort TPUSA members through the swarm of radicals.

Rittenhouse was able to safely arrive at his destination.

“Great event. Interesting people, to say the least,” he said.

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk also responded to what happened in the lengthy post.

“This is what happens when school administrators pander to petulant children. You get chaos. Our brave students will press forward but this is unacceptable, especially in Tennessee,” he wrote.