Kemp Shuts Down Fulton DA’s Ousting 24 Hours After Call with Biden


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, an alleged Republican, swiftly addressed and shut down efforts to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis following allegations of bias against former President Donald Trump.

In a press conference on Thursday, Kemp spoke about the ongoing controversy involving Willis and her legal actions against Trump, voicing his opposition to efforts to have her removed from the case. Kemp’s action came just 24 hours after a conversation with President Joe Biden, during which their conversation purportedly focused on hurricane recovery efforts.

“Until now, I haven’t seen any evidence that justifies intervention by the prosecuting attorney oversight commission regarding DA Willis’ actions or inactions,” Kemp claimed. “As long as I serve as governor, we will uphold the law and the Constitution, regardless of its political implications.”

Willis has a long history of Trump-hating, as well as engaging in the same activities embedded in the multi-count RICO case she’s prosecuting against Trump for challenging the dubious results of the 2020 election.

Georgia Rep. Colton Moore, the Republican leading the charge against Willis, accused Kemp of allowing personal bias to influence his judgment and called for an emergency session to address the situation.

“As the corrupt Fulton County DA continues to target Donald Trump… I only have one question for the Governor: When are you going to stand with the people of Georgia and convene the emergency session that your constituents are demanding?” Moore stated in reaction.

The Georgia governor claimed he had voiced his concerns against Willis in the past but chose to publicly express his opposition to the removal efforts a day after Biden acknowledged on Twitter that he had spoken with Kemp to coordinate federal assistance for Hurricane Idalia’s landfall.

On Wednesday, Trump shared a video on Truth Social to thank Moore for his support and referred to him as a “highly respected” lawmaker. In the minute-long video, Trump also focused on Willis, describing her as an embarrassment to the nation.

In particular, Trump remarked, “Failed DA Fani Willis — who has allowed Atlanta, Fulton County to become a record-setting in murder and violent crime-war zone with almost no retribution for those murderers — shockingly indicted your favorite president, me, for a perfect phone call.”

Trump expressed his intention to win the 2024 presidential election, adding, “I want to thank the great people of Georgia for putting up with this crap.”

According to a leaked email obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Aug. 9, Willis responded to the scathing criticism aimed at her, urging her colleagues to turn a blind eye to the backlash. Her indictment of Trump for allegedly violating state law by challenging the 2020 election results has sparked controversy, with Trump, his supporters and even some critics strongly opposing the contentious prosecution.

Biden has declined to comment on the case but awarded Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, two Fulton County election workers, with presidential medals for their role in countering doubts about the voters’ intentions for his candidacy. Both Freeman and Moss are involved in the Fulton County DA’s case against Trump.