Kamala’s Unhinged Laughter Sparks Rumors about Potentially Illicit Behavior


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Vice President Kamala Harris found herself at the center of controversy once again as her uncontrolled laughter during a speech in St. Louis, Missouri, raised eyebrows, with some questioning whether she had been drinking. 

Harris’s bizarre reaction occurred while at a DNC meeting on Oct. 6, when she was questioned about the state of the economy, leaving many social media users and commentators puzzled.

“POPULAR, POPULAR, POPULAR!” a hysterical Harris exclaims. Her subsequent laughter, described by some as hysterical, continued, “We just need to let everybody know who brought it to ‘em.”

The video first caught the attention of social media after the RNC Research account posted it on Twitter, and it was subsequently shared by prominent figures like Newsmax host Eric Bolling and Fox News commentator Sean Hannity. 

Media outlet RedState publishing an article on Oct. 6 with the headline, “People Wonder If Kamala Harris Was High After Hysterical Laughing Fit.” 

One Twitter user quipped, “Did she have lunch with Hunter before this show?” while another asked, “She can’t be serious, can she.”

This would not mark the first time Harris has faced scrutiny for her peculiar laughter. Some critics have linked her to a recent incident in which cocaine was discovered at the White House. Secret Service agents ultimately failed to find the perpetrator, which ignited allegations of a potential cover-up. 

“RACISM? The White House is now pointing the finger at Kamala Harris. Is the fact that she’s Black the reason they’re implying it was her cocaine?” asked Amuse on Twitter.

“The White House isn’t saying the cocaine belonged to Kamala Harris, but they are saying it was found near her car,” cracked Kevin Dalton, as reported by Headline USA on July 8. “Are we watching them set up Harris for the take out?” asked another commentator.