Kamala Only Needed Four Words To Embarrass Every Single One Of Us!

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Kamala Harris is as big of a joke as Joe Biden is and yet the left fawns all over them.

No one truly understands why anyone would be such a big fan of these two, but they are working hand-in-hand to destroy our nation and that is something the left will always cheer on.

Now, the American people and the world are sitting at the edge of their seats watching the situation unfold with Russia and Ukraine.


We all know that the Biden administration has been busy beating the war drums for weeks, and now they appear to be getting just what they wanted.

Kamala decided to take this opportunity to show the world that she is tough and can handle these sorts of conflicts. It was supposed to show the Vice President’s “grit” and determination, but it only came across as nails on a chalkboard.

Harris began her “speech” about this very serious, potentially deadly situation with:

“I mean, listen guys…”

Oh, it gets better.

Kamala kept awkwardly and nervously babbling about the possibility of war in Europe in a way that sounded like she was trying to convince herself of the gravity of the situation.


Then she showed the world how bad she was in history wrong too.

Watch the video:

It’s pretty hard to understand what the heck Kamala is even saying here and users online were very vocal about this disastrous speech:

“I can get a clearer understanding about what is going on by looking into a can of alphabet soup for 1 minute, than listening to her for 5”

“It’s like a Jerry Springer audience member spouting their pearls of wisdom.”

“I forced myself to watch her speech. It almost cut it ‘politi-speak’ wise, but she contradicted EVERYTHING when questions were allowed. Didn’t answer correctly, contradicted when sanctions should happen, when they should happen, and sounded like she just got briefed on WWII.”

“It’s like listening to one of my kids condescending teachers. Lord have mercy. ?”

“These events are a direct reflection of how weak the world see us . Now the world is laughing at us and kicking dirt in our face.”


“She said absolutely nothing of meaning in that clip”

“She is absolutely brilliant ?..No way no how she slept her way to the top. Thank you Montel.”

It’s hard to think that there’s someone who could be a bigger laughingstock than Joe Biden, but somehow, Kamala gets it done.

2024 can’t come soon enough folks…

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